Honoring the Autumnal Equinox 

Honoring the Autumnal Equinox 

This time of year is all about balance. We’re invited now to notice where we are in balance and where we’re off kilter. Once we become more aware of how we are in this Autumnal threshold, we can then restore our balance accordingly, in order to move into the colder months with stability, steady feet, a happy heart and a nourished body. 

In the Northern hemisphere, Mabon corresponds to the Sun’s alignment with the equator, which results in an equal duration of daytime and nighttime. Light and dark are balanced. 

Traditionally speaking, this was a time where all the hard work of the summer months became readily available for survey; we could take stock of all our progress (back in the day this looked like a successful crop, well-fed animals, and the security of knowing you and your family have enough food for the winter months to come). 

Celebrating Mabon & Inviting Balance

Let’s have a look at modern applications of this ancient tradition, which has been celebrated in many different ways by cultures from all around the world, including Chinese, Northern America, Greek and Bavarian. 

The common denominator within all the different iterations of this holiday has to do with a celebration of rest after a bountiful harvest. Oftentimes the summer months translate to a lot of fruiting; we get involved with many projects, new and old relationships build and develop, and our creative fires are stoked by the long summer days. 

The seasonal shift that Mabon represents, occurring at the Autumnal Equinox, is presenting an opportunity to tie up any loose ends, clear up any clutter that has accumulated over the last few months, and prepare for the winter months ahead, so that they can be peaceful, restful and energetically clean. 

This inflection point in the seasons is a ripe invitation for ritual and celebration; here are common and accessible ways to honor this festival:

→ Apple harvesting (or supporting your local farmer by stopping by a farmer’s market for some apples) and including them on your altar (honoring the balance and harmony that the apple represents as a symbol; the ancient Biblical and modern technological implications of this fruit cannot be ignored!)

→ Creating a culinary treat for a celebratory feast with friends

→ Dedicate an afternoon to cleaning your external world; perhaps this is a portion of your living space, or your car if you drive one. Call on the practice of cleaning the outside to correspond with a cleaning on the inside. 


Whatever way you’re called to honor the shift of seasons, be sure to celebrate the balance between light and the dark; honoring this balance will help to restore harmony in your life and, in turn, the lives of those you relate with. 



Spiritual Fitness as a Personal Practice

Spiritual Fitness as a Personal Practice

At what points throughout your day do you feel the most alive? What moments are your energy levels and your mood at a high level? These moments, for the most part, are often moments where all of our ‘bodies’ are engaged and activated; our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are online and present in our experience. 

Can you think of all the moments throughout your day when you tend to your physical body? Chances are, you commit a lot of time caring for and nurturing your physical form. This extends beyond just a work out; through basic processes of nourishment and elimination, movement and hygiene, we care for the needs of our physical bodies on a day to day basis. 

There are aspects to these processes that can be up-leveled. If we are, in fact, becoming more mindful of the way we show up on our paths toward embodying our Highest Selves, then it becomes increasingly important to see the importance of every moment, every instance, every beat within the symphony. For it’s within each beat that the grand orchestra reveals itself! 

Every moment is significant; there is nothing that is insignificant. In that way, a meal can become a prayer. A bath can become a purification ceremony. Everything is visible to the eyes of our Highest Selves; the more we think, feel, and act in alignment with our Highest expression – the more spiritually fit we become. 

Optimizing Agility and Building Resilience

Staying spiritually fit means showing up to the interdimensional gym. We don’t need to be intimidated by the heavy lifters and the bench press; simply starting with some subtle squats and jumping jacks will do just fine. This gym is the non-physical space where our non-physical Selves can come online, to make use of our gifts from Spirit, and strengthen the muscles of agility, adaptability and resilience. Strengthening these muscles increases our ability to stay flexible amidst great change, meet any given moment with access to clarity and clear thinking, and make decisions from a place of poised inner trust and empowered choice. 

A class we teach designed for training student to effectively use their energetic muscles on a daily basis is called: Spiritual Intuition Class.

Read further to learn more.

The Spiritual Intuition Class introduces the practice of using your psychic senses to get the answer to anything, anywhere, anytime, even under difficult circumstances.

How do some people just know what to do in any circumstance? Did you know that everyone has psychic senses? Are you using yours? In ‘Spiritual Intuition,’ you’ll learn multiple exercises you can take with you anywhere to develop your psychic gifts. With practice, you can access and develop different types of psychic senses innate to being human, so they never again go to waste in your life. What are you waiting for!? Let’s practice!

Benefits of Spiritual Intuition:

  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Develop the full range of your psychic abilities
  • Clarify ambiguity with nothing more than your own inner wisdom
  • Increase your intuition and spiritual gifts

Attendance at Modern Mystery School classes always means you’ll have a real experience of the energies we are working with. In this class, you will receive a student manual with the exercises we are using so you can do them yourself. After a discussion about how psychic senses work and how they can be developed, Matthew will lead you through these exercises so you know how to do them.

By attending this class, you will:

  • Be able to identify the 5 psychic senses
  • Describe some of the characteristics of how each one works
  • Perform an exercise to develop each psychic sense

With questions regarding the class – contact me, otherwise if you are ready to activate and strengthen your intuition – register for Spiritual Intuition Class: https://spiritintransition.as.me/MMS-Classes