You Don’t Have To Be A Mathematician To Use Geometry

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Many of us are familiar with the term ‘sacred geometry’, yet what really is it? When it comes down to it, not all geometry is considered ‘sacred’, is it? Why is that?  Astral Geometry There are some ratios, patterns and shapes that carry significance within the realm of geometry. Some shapes are more impactful, both Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Secrets Unveiled—How to Unlock Men

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Being a man in society today comes with many challenges. We are taught that it's not OK to cry or be vulnerable. Some cultures have a certain 'machismo' or 'macho' culture that includes social pressure to be self-reliant, and to be the protector and provider for the family unit. The meaning of what it is Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Radio Show Debut! Shifting Consciousness | Thomas Chavez

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Hello, everyone!   We just launched our new podcast radio show, where we interview spiritual teachers, healers, and community voices. Each person has a unique perspective on spiritual growth, wellbeing, and the emerging paradigm.   For our first podcast, we interviewed Thomas Chavez, the author of Body Electronics: Vital Steps for Physical Regeneration and Cofounder Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

The Year I Changed My Name to Dorjee

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For my 30th birthday, I took on the name ‘Dorjee’, a choice born out of a year’s thinking on who I am, and who I want to be. As you can imagine, my mother wasn’t too impressed, having given me a name already, but I think she understood my desire to experiment, she did raise me Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Check out our new eBook: How I Built a Spirit-Led Life That I’m Proud Of

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Do you feel isolated, stagnant, or misunderstood? Are you lost in life—wandering from one thing to the next, and feeling empty? Do you think you're trapped? Yeah, I've felt that too. Many of us experience these perceptions, especially in a rapidly expanding world where yesterday feels like a dream and a thousand things vie for Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Do you make these 3 common mistakes in relationships?

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Do you struggle with relationships—finding, building, or keeping them? Most people make these three (3) mistakes in relationships: Not being available—you think you're ready for a commitment, but you can't commit to an ice cream flavor let alone another person. Not knowing what you want—ever notice how hard it is to please someone when you have no idea Activate your Spiritual Intelligence