Don’t settle for Less…Live your Infinity in the Now
By user_dd

Most of our daily attention focuses on our physical experience. With the constant demands of the body seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, it’s easy to get caught up in the rat race of daily life: eat, work, try to have some fun, sleep, repeat.

Eventually our Spirit reaches through this dross to remind us that there’s something more, something bigger, something liberating that we are missing when we approach life this way.

Most spiritual traditions will start us off with meditation. In the altered state which meditation begins to cultivate in our daily life, the eternal part of us that is not apparent in our basic perception of physicality starts to call out.

This can be confusing, because this infinite part of us doesn’t ‘fit in’ to our initial conception of what our experience is supposed to be like. How can there be unlimited energy, abundance, compassion, love when our experience of life is so limited?

We are infinite potential

Yet, it has been the message of wisdom traditions for eons that there’s more to this experience than what meets the eye. The key lies in making that transition from finite to infinite a reality in our daily lives.

We have the opportunity to live in the heaven or hell of our own making…that is, our own thinking. We can only make this transition from finite to infinite in our mind because All is Mind, there is nothing else—one of the Hermetic axioms.

Further, every thought in this Mind is a creative act. Whenever we give our attention to a thought or idea, it blossoms until it eventually becomes a reality. But are we re-creating the old or innovating on something new? Are we paying attention to the right things in life that will bring out the kind of life that we want to live?

Practice Infinity

If you feel stuck, here are some techniques to unleash the creative powers of your mind.

First, conduct an opposite day where you say ‘Yes’ whenever you would have said ‘No’ and vice versa. Approach this like a game, and of course, don’t do anything dangerous or illegal, the intention is to push your boundaries of what’s possible—to free your mind from your self-limitations. The quality and breadth of your life experience depends on whether you’ve been curious (or courageous) enough to ask, what if or why not.

Second, just when you think you’re done meditating, and you can’t possibly sit another second on your meditation chair or cushion, sit for one more minute and watch what happens in your mind. It’s not that there’s any one specific experience that everyone will encounter, but by pushing at this boundary, you’ll be sure to experience something you haven’t felt before. Expand your consciousness.

Third, practice gazing at a scene in nature, or area of your room for awhile, soaking up each detail. Then close your eyes and imagine every possible detail you can remember, up to the most minute detail you can recall. When you think you have every detail you remember, open your eyes and reconcile your mental image with the reality of the scene in front of you. Notice where your assumptions may have led to false images in your mind, and go back and revise your mental image.

When we focus on creative acts in our thinking, we are creating our reality rather than blindly following our subconscious. And creativity, bringing forth or manifesting something from an idea, is one way our infinite natures become expressed in the finite, physical now. So you can see why we start here to access our infinite nature.

Tell me more ways you are accessing your infinite nature in your finite human experience. I want to hear how you’re expanding your consciousness!