Finding ‘the ONE’

“We are all born for love.”

Love matters. Are you open to it?

Join the conversation about finding ‘the ONE’, enhancing existing relationships, and bouncing back from prior relationships. We loosely follow the model in Katherine Woodward Thomas’ book Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life.

All are welcome to participate! No prior reading or experience necessary.

This is now a monthly class, so you can start your journey at any one of our upcoming monthly sessions. Check the events calendar to see when the next one is happening at Toren Collective.

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Why Finding ‘the ONE’?

Finding ‘the ONE’ is an expression of the deep need in our community to feel connected and whole. As humans, we experience our world through the lens of our community and social structures—those that see us. Sometimes we forget that we create those lenses. Let’s co-create our group lens, rather than accept what society has created for us. Let’s define our own relationship to relationships. Let’s express love without hesitation and judgment.

Honor the multiplicity of ‘the ONE’ with your joyful expression of love. Participate in creating a new paradigm for your life. Come to Finding ‘the ONE’.

About the Facilitator

Matthew Koren is an experience coach, trainer and facilitator who helps his clients find their purpose and manifest their dreams. Read his full bio on our Team page.

What is this about?

Finding ‘the ONE’ is a support circle for the real you. You are not perfect. Neither are we. You are not sure what you want. Neither do we. You are accepted and welcome here as you are.

Explore your questions about love and relationship with us. We have questions too. Will you share your experience with us?

There’s no way to prepare yourself for this experience. To grow through this experience, you simply have to show up, share, listen, and learn.

Attend Finding ‘the ONE’ to:

  • attract love into your life
  • remove blockages to self-love
  • join a support network of friends intentionally supporting each other
    in relationship
  • be known as the beautiful person you are
  • heal past relationship trauma
  • discover and articulate your unique needs

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We love your privacy and will never share your information.