Now is the Time

We are all engaged in a growth process where our Spirit is coming back into power. Spirit in Transition is a community of people helping each other break through life challenges and live an extraordinary life, on purpose and powerfully. We are here to support you.


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Spirit in Transition distills wisdom traditions into an essential blend of ancient philosophies and methodologies mixed with modern scientific findings and breakthroughs. Our philosophy is simple and relevant, bringing clarity to the evolving zeitgeist.

Is your spirit ready to evolve?


Our Principles

I. Intuition is the partner of reason.

Reason is dissecting the world; intuition is feelings its pulse. Society strayed when it held logic upon a lonely pedestal. It is prized in school, from elementary to postgraduate. Yet the faculty that inspires us and penetrates the subtle world is missing. Where is the Muse? The Third Eye? Sleeping in our souls, waiting to be stirred.

II. We are made of the same stuff that binds the Universe together as a Whole.

Our actions proceed from thought. To harm another is to harm ourselves, in thought, word, or deed. But loving is sacred. Love is the emotion representing an expansion of our sense of self. Doing good in the world and contributing to its growth arises naturally out of a love for one’s brethren and planet. Cultivating this is important if we are to thrive.

III. Every person has value, and unique strengths to offer.

We prosper when we share our strengths together in community. We atrophy when we fear our own power. This is a considerable waste to the community. Self-actualization is reclaiming our power and using it to feed our souls and benefit those around us, rather than drain ourselves. It is finding one’s prosperous and generous niche.

IV. Forgiveness, appreciation, and compassion fuel our hearts.

It is far healthier to forgive wrongdoings and appreciate what is good, than expend our energy in ridicule, contempt, and disgust. Positive emotions are the contours of our Spirit, which ultimately sees no flaw and identifies itself with the Beauty in all things. This is one aspect of the Beatific Vision, or Cosmic Awareness, which gives us a glimpse into ultimate reality. We can help create a better, more enlightened world by first fostering these positive emotions.

V. We are all One.

All Americans and Chinese, all men and women, all gays and straights, all Republicans and Democrats, all Christians and Muslims are one. Civilization has globalized, reflecting this basic truth. The creative potential inherent in groups of unique minds from different backgrounds is astounding.

VI. Our pure intentions have power.

We can gain self-mastery and influence our environments by focusing our minds and aligning with Spirit. We are never truly helpless.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]The possibilities of what we can accomplish are inexhaustible. And, just as we have the power to radically change our individual circumstances, so too do we have the power to collectively change the world. As strong as we are on our own, we are exponentially more effective as a team or community. Collaboration is the fuel of the Aquarian Age.

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