How to Get ‘Unstuck’…Fast!
By user_dd
Spirit in Transition - How to Get ‘Unstuck’…Fast!

At any moment, we can choose something new and different. 

I’ve felt stuck before in life, when I didn’t feel like I had any options. 

But what was really happening was that I was making the same decisions and taking the same actions as the day previously. 

It wasn’t until I got out of my comfort zone and started questioning why I do, think, and act in certain ways that I started to realize the prison of my own design.

When I opened up to the words: maybe, perhaps, it’s possible, then I started to live life again to the fullest.

Maybe I can respond with ‘I love you’ when my partner does that annoying habit the millionth time.

Perhaps I don’t have to react everytime my parents try to make me small and helpless, feeding that  ‘victim’ story.

It’s possible that I can invest a little time each day towards a project that brings me residual income so I don’t have to work so hard when I’m older.

All of these words are portals to my new reality in ANY situation I find myself in, especially when I feel lost or afraid.

Next time you find yourself backed into a corner of your own design, remember to ask yourself what’s possible, or maybe what could perhaps go differently this time, to side-step the almost certain future you can see unraveling before your eyes. Be aware, recognize, and take action…one step at a time.

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