Modern Mystery School Classes

Matthew Koren is a certified Guide and Healer in the Hermetic Lineage of King Salomon through the Modern Mystery School. We host classes and events that evolve your spiritual potential. Peruse our offerings below.

Awaken Thyself

Basic lineage tools for grounding and expanding your potential. Find out more here.

Max Meditation System™

Meditation that works for everyone. Find out more here.

Sacred Geometry

Create sacred space for meditation and ritual. Find out more here.

Astral Travel

Journey safely through 7 Spiritual Dimensions seeking hidden knowledge. Find out more here.

Spiritual Intuition

Develop your psychic senses for practical purposes. Find out more here.

Sanctuary Meditation Evening

Journey to your Sanctuary & Meet your Higher Self. Find out more here.

Empower Thyself

Step onto the initiatory path and take your Lightwork to the next level. Find out more here.

Journeys of the Spirit

A full-day immersive experience exploring new dimensions of existence and to find power tools you need for your spiritual growth.

12 Races of Earth

Spend 5 hours discovering the 12 Races of Earth who once lived openly and in harmony with humans.

Experience the Magick of the 7 Mystery Schools

By learning about the different traditions, you will heighten your awareness about what’s really going on behind the scenes. Find out more here.