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Our world is going through birth pangs. Something new wants to emerge. The signs are clear, we just have to pave the way for the change!

Spirit In Transition

Modern Mystery School

Our world is going through birth pangs. Something new wants to emerge. The signs are clear, we just have to pave the way for the change! Your personal development can change the world. Spirit in Transition is here to support your process!

So what are the signs?

  • Globalization through Internet, media, and connected economies
  • Wide dispersion of spiritual development events and teachings from around the world
  • More anomalies being observed by science that keep weakening old paradigms
  • Physical & virtual personal development communities sprouting up based on conscious relationships and common goals
  • Individuals having greater voice through YouTube and social media
  • Climate change and geopolitical tensions pushing for innovation and diplomacy

These are just a handful. The development events we will be experiencing will most likely be very gradual, but we can expect to see the stark beginnings of a new global culture, harmony between science and spirituality, and people taking things into their own hands to create the kind of world they want to see. Working with a Guide is becoming more and more common to navigate these confusing and liminal spaces.

This is where the Modern Mystery School comes in.

What is the Modern Mystery School?

We know how important it is for people to claim their power and follow their purpose. That’s why I have studied on the path of progression for years at the Modern Mystery School, an organization with a proven record of success working to bring world peace, end global hunger, and empower individuals to live their inner divinity. The path of progression is simply a roadmap, milestones on the way to achieve our desired ends.

Of course, there are many spiritual traditions out there (and I’ve tried many of them!) but this one is the most direct method of helping everyone on Earth at this time to evolve to our next level of understanding and multi-dimensional existence.

At the Modern Mystery School, we engage in the process of personal development and consciousness expansion scientifically, true to the experimentation King Salomon facilitated by bringing together healers, magicians, seers and wisdom-holders from traditions all over the world many thousands of years ago in his temple. These practitioners shared their knowledge and distilled down the most effective methods for supporting human evolution on this planet, no matter where you come from, who your parents are, or what you believe.

Here is a link to our Core Values and Beliefs.

Here’s a simple truth: by assisting individuals to achieve their goals, we inspire them to do the same, in their own way, for others. When someone helps you, don’t you feel more motivated to help someone else? When everyone channels this positive force for good, subtly or directly influencing their own life events, social circle, family, work environment, and strangers they connect with, we can’t help but change the world. Our collective actions become less destructive and more nourishing, and so does life on this Earth.

Spirit in Transition facilitates the global shift, assisting individuals to play their role in helping everyone awaken. I hope our service has a ripple effect, spreading the message and energy of the Aquarian Age. “As above, so below. As within, so without.” By manifesting our own unique ideals, may we come closer to seeing the Ideals within society flourish. Namaste.

Who runs the Modern Mystery School?

In 2017, big changes happened at the Modern Mystery School. Two bodies of governance were created to balance masculine and feminine energies as well as access the full spectrum of divine energies available to support humanity and our mission of world peace. Both the Third Order and the Council of 12 were established.

The Council of 12 women are high-level initiates that serve as the leadership for the Modern Mystery School. They work directly with the Third Order to effect the mission of the Hierarchy of Light on Earth. These women provide oversight to the workings of the School and the actions of the Third Order. This allows the Divine Feminine to rise and guide the activities and results the School produces in its initiates.

Meet the Third Order of the Modern Mystery School.

From left to right: Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, Founder & Ipsissimus Gudni Gudnason, Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome

Founder and Ipsissimus Gudni Gudnason

Born as Gudni Halldor Gudnason von Thoroddsen in northern ‘Viking lands’ of Iceland, Founder Gudni was initiated into the lineage of King Salomon in the early 1970s. Throughout his life, he has studied in many traditions and apprenticed to numerous masters, including other schools of the mystery tradition such as Tibet, Africa, and Romania. In the early 1990s, leadership of the North American school was handed down to him in an ancient native American ceremony and he has been opening the door for his students tirelessly since then. Recently, Gudni has stepped back from teaching to support his most senior initiates and apprentices who are the current and future leaders and teachers in the school.

Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon

Ipsissimus Dave “THOR” Lanyon joined The Modern Mystery School in 2004 and currently serves as its CEO, primarily of the West in Canada. He is responsible for the incredible expansion of the school, and recent flourishing of these traditional teachings in all corners of the Earth. He serves his students with all his heart, balancing both compassion and severity to raise the awareness of each individual so that Know Thyself is the mantra for understanding what is needed in order to move forward on each one’s spiritual path.

Ipsissimus Dave is an expert counselor, initiated Knight Templar and leads the worldwide Order of the Warriors of Light. He is a High Priest of Egyptian Magick, a Master of Enochian Magick and specialist of Viking, Celtic, and Egyptian Shamanism to name a few.

Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome

Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome joined the lineage in 2000 and serves as CEO of the Modern Mystery School primarily in the East in Japan. Creating world peace is his primary concern, instilling in all his students the desire to serve their communities with passion and grace. He teaches us a healing system that returns one back into a state of harmony with all. Hideto is an initiated priest of Mikkyo Esoteric Buddhism, Viking Shaman, Celtic Shaman, Knight Templar, Egyptian Shaman & more. He is also lead instructor and master healer of the Ensofic Ray Institute.

Council of Twelve Women

If the Third Order is the strategic council of the Modern Mystery School, the Council of 12 are like the operational council ensuring that the delivery of the teachings is in alignment with the highest Goddess power and the mysterious Shekinah feminine divine essence

Since 2017, the same year the Third Order was established, the 12 women of the council provide advisory to the members of the Third Order about the various projects of the Modern Mystery School in collaboration with the Hierarchy of Light.

Currently, the women that occupy the seats on the Council of 12 are (Div.  stands for Divina, an honorary title):


Div. Eiko Gudnason
Div. Luisa Nakagome
Div. Tsukiko Kimura
Div. Maiko Machiya
Div. Sincere Rohi (Hiroko Ito)
Div. Hitomi Shibuya


Div. Franca Lanyon
Div. Kate Bartram-Brown
Div. Rita van den Berg
Div. Liza Rossi
Div. Ann Donnelly
Div. Theresa Bullard

The women who occupy the seats of the Council of 12 periodically rotate.

Click here to learn more about the Council of 12.