Re-design Your Life to Access Your Greatest Joy
By user_dd
Re-design Your Life to Access Your Greatest Joy by Spirit in Transition

You make choices everyday which impact countless possible outcomes in your life. Sometimes I call these timelines. These timelines represent possible paths your life can take based on your choices. When you sit down and consider how differently your life can unfold based on whether you choose to stay or go, get up or lie down, say ‘Yes!’ or say ‘No,’ you might find yourself completely mind-boggled.

Unlike a computer game or simulation, you can’t save your game, or return back to the beginning and start over again. You’re stuck with the results of your choices, and you have to deal with the outcomes. You may inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings or do something you regret later. You may take a chance that you’ve never taken before and it begins a grand adventure into the unknown. We can never know for sure where life is going to take us, but there are few things we can learn along the way to make the journey a bit easier.

Fortunately we’re working in a universe with certain predictable laws—and I’m not talking about the Laws of Thermodynamics or some other branch of Physics. These “physical” laws typically break down when applied at universal proportions. I’m talking about Universal Law. It’s the set of laws that maintains balance in the universe. 

When you take an action, the Universe will respond based on Universal Law. That means that once you understand how these laws work, you can predict what will happen based on the actions you are taking. 

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: where attention goes, energy flows. This is an example of how it’s most helpful to consider the universe as actually a mental phenomena, and will respond to your thoughts. You should carefully consider your thoughts on a daily basis, and engage in rituals and habits that produce certain thoughts based on the outcomes you want to see.

This is typically the opposite way that people think. Things happen, and then you think thoughts about them. Not the other way around, right?Well, how would your life be different if you chose what thoughts you wanted to think and then watched your life begin to shift to be in alignment with those thoughts? This would be an experience of life that exists as a result of your thoughts. Rather than something happening to you, it happens for you.

As a human being, you have an impact on what will result based on the predictable effects of Universal Law. The discipline of metaphysics has studied Universal Law for ages and ages, and it is your birthright to have access to these hidden teachings that have been kept pure, waiting for you to ask the right question. No doubt you’ve heard before, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Reach out to me if you’re interested in how to re-design your life to be in flow with your true and highest purpose. As you may have guessed with this article, we start with your thoughts and build sustainable structures for your life path from there. 

We need you to be fully self-expressed here on Earth, so waste no time and let me know that you’re ready to begin the journey to Know Thyself today! I’m here to guide and support you on this awakening journey whenever you are ready.