Did you know yoga can make you 9 years younger?

Yoga has become a widespread practice in the West over the past few decades. Originating in India as an intense spiritual practice to reach union with God, its physical aspects have been adopted by many Americans for health purposes.

Though people seem to have a general idea that yoga is great for the body, perhaps few understand just how powerful it can be in retaining youthfulness. Researchers are unraveling its effects more and more.

For starters, many of the complaints of old age are targeted directly with consistent yoga practice. Here are just a few examples:

Flexibility & Balance

These are the most obvious benefits, but it should be addressed nonetheless that as we grow older, our joints tend to stiffen and we lose some of our vestibular sense, which maintains our balance. Yoga helps to keep us limber and prevents muscle aches and falls.


Yoga, along with meditation, has been shown to increase brain matter in the hippocampus (an area associated with memory). It also reduces damage to the brain potentially caused by stress hormones. You can see the research by neuroscientist Sara Lazar by clicking here.

Immunity & Blood Pressure

By its detoxing effects, its dampening of stress hormones, and its overall strengthening of the body, yoga improves the immune system. It also helps keep blood pressure regulated!


Yep, this is the good stuff. Some scientists have observed that a regular, long-term yoga practice can make you seem biologically 9 years younger! This can show in how your whole body operates, but also in your external appearance—in other words, you will most likely end up having less wrinkles and more of a healthful glow.

A minimum recommendation for all of these benefits is a 1-hour long session, 3 times a week. Consistent practice is key!

How has yoga personally changed your life? Please share your story below!