Community RECHARGE Night

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Connect and collaborate with beautiful humans during the Community RECHARGE Night at Temple Medicine! Relax, Recharge, Receive and share over Ceremonial Tea, introspective conversation,  Ecstatic Dance, and nourishing Sound Baths. Event is complimentary the first month Kiddos are welcome Lite hors d'oeuvre will be provided ~ feel free to bring your favorite Healthy treat to Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

What Everybody Ought to Know About Shamanism

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Shamanism is all about relationships. In this post, we’re going to explore what a shaman is, what role shamanism has played in different cultures around the world, and lastly, how a shamanic perspective can be integrated into your life.  So, what is a shaman? Tracked back to the late 17th century through Russian etymology, the Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Forgiving yourself is the hardest part

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Last weekend I had the pleasure to join the Landmark Advanced course in Portland. I haven’t done a Landmark program since 2009-2010 when I completed their first program in the Curriculum for Living called the Landmark Forum, and then their two advanced communication courses: Access to Power and Power to Create. I gained a lot Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Would you rather get ahead or get enough?

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Around 567 years BCE, Siddhartha Gautama, later to be given the appellation Buddha, was raised sheltered by his father in a palace at the foothills of the Himalayas. One day, while outside the walls of the palace, Siddhartha encountered old age, sickness, and death in the streets of the city over which his family ruled. Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Alchemy Phase 3: Separation

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In the last post of this series, we covered the second stage of alchemy: dissolution. We also reminded ourselves that it’s important to remain non-attached. At the same time, you will not complete the alchemy process powerfully without uncovering your ‘burning desire’ that drives you towards your goal. Without the attractive force of this Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

What is a Soul Family?

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When my uncle died last year, it also seemed like the death of my family. There was a lot of fighting and hurling harsh words. It definitely wasn’t the first time this had happened, but our connection was so threadbare that what should have been a typical quarrel of grief was instead a cataclysm. The Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Check out our new eBook: How I Built a Spirit-Led Life That I’m Proud Of

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Do you feel isolated, stagnant, or misunderstood? Are you lost in life—wandering from one thing to the next, and feeling empty? Do you think you're trapped? Yeah, I've felt that too. Many of us experience these perceptions, especially in a rapidly expanding world where yesterday feels like a dream and a thousand things vie for Activate your Spiritual Intelligence