The Year I Changed My Name to Dorjee

2018-12-19T16:55:17-07:00By |Announcements|

For my 30th birthday, I took on the name ‘Dorjee’, a choice born out of a year’s thinking on who I am, and who I want to be. As you can imagine, my mother wasn’t too impressed, having given me a name already, but I think she understood my desire to experiment, she did raise me Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Are you consciously creating?

2018-12-19T16:55:18-07:00By |Transitory Thoughts|

“As above, so below. As within, so without.” I find it endlessly fascinating to discover examples where the macro-context informs or clarifies what’s happening on a micro-contextual level. Like to consider that, as our solar system travels through space, it’s creating the same pattern DNA strands do within our cells. Or that cell walls contain the Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Why You Should Live Your Passion

2018-12-19T16:55:20-07:00By |Community Conversations|

There’s nothing predictable about our journey here, and we’re not well-served living it with anything less than our complete passion and intensity. I believe, at least in the past, a true journey was an adventure defined by the lack of a clear destination, not knowing exactly how you were going to get there, your success Activate your Spiritual Intelligence