Here Are 3 Signs That You Belong

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We all know how important it is to nurture a sense of belonging within our bodies. The language may register at a certain level, perhaps cognitively in the mind. Yet there comes a time in our journey when things we understand in the mind must be anchored down into the body. Having a felt sense Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Here’s Why We Experience Perceived Separation

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Understanding the Etymology of Physikos Initial Separation Story There was a separation that occurred long ago. A separation between physical and non-physical, or metaphysical. This separation happened not only in the realm of science, but percolated into our social and societal structures, our cultural and psychological frameworks.  In ancient Greece, the word physikos represented all Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

This Transformation Is Not Gradual.

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We are living in extraordinary times. In some respects, COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of change in a world already overwhelmed with it.  Many have wondered, “when do we get back to normal?” Many are beginning to wonder, “Will we ever get back to normal?” There is some comfort in the idea that this pace Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

How Will the Internet Help Me Evolve?

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$355 I took a deep breath and looked again. Yep. Three hundred fifty-five dollars, three brilliant black numerals smiling back at me from the screen. How is this possible? I thought. Only a week ago I was nearly broke. It was at that moment I absolutely fell in love with Airbnb. No wine or Activate your Spiritual Intelligence