When we speak about feminine and masculine principles, it’s important to acknowledge that this conversation exists beyond the realm of sexual and physical organs. This is a conversation about universal energies that exist within every living being. We all have multiple modes of  expression that embody either masculine or feminine qualities. When you deepen your understanding of both, a pure expression of your highest truth is possible.Each principle, masculine and feminine, have expressions that range from toxic or unhealthy, to realized and actualized Divinity. The energy of the Divine Feminine is receptive, loving, spacious and open. It’s important for us to recognize the role that masculine expression has played in our progression up to this point in planetary history. This collective progression is now calling for the feminine to rise. The rise of the feminine inspires deeper listening, greater capacity and stronger abilities to hold space, for ourselves, for each other, for this planet we call home, and for the important yet challenging thresholds we face as we step into the future our hearts know is possible.

It’s time for the rise of the feminine, for the shift from doing into being.

This shift is one that must be made individually, in order for any collective shift to occur. So let’s all rise to activate our Divine Feminine; opening our capacity to sit with ourselves, to listen to our inner guidance systems and create spaciousness in our inner worlds.

This way, we can make decisions from a place of love and trust, with deeper clarity and toward a future we can feel inspired about. When we come from a place of trust, anchored in the resplendent receptivity of a vessel that’s designed to receive, to hold, to listen, to care, to nurture, to embrace.

Expanding capacity means that we increase the width and depth of our container. At an individual level, this looks like more space to listen to all of our parts, all of our inner voices. At a collective level, this looks like an amplification of the number of voices that are heard within any given group; built into the structure and form are deep, wide enough spaces to hold all of the potentialities, all of the possibilities and all the perspectives with ease. With grace, even.

With increased self awareness around what it is that we emanate out into the world; what all our unseen aspects of self are expressing. The energy we exude brings to us that which we (knowingly or unknowingly) are attracting. So, we can look at this shift into the feminine as one from pursuit into magnetism. Where instead of going after, we are calling in. And along the way, we can enjoy the process as we move from desire into pleasure.

When we make this shift, we will notice that our communication styles move from pointy to playful, as our self talk moves away from separation to unity. From divisive comparisons into pure perspectives and clear contemplations. We find ourselves enjoying the experience of curiosity ever more frequently, steeped in wonder as we listen to the simple joys that ignite our hearts.