Haunted Spaces and Spooky Places

Spring brings us the opportunity to clean out the proverbial closets of our lives and let some fresh air in. However, be careful what might come out when peeking in. Often the disarray of our outer, physical spaces ends up mirroring the landscape of our inner worlds as well.

When we dive into the shadows of our lives, we’re bound to uncover some “haunted spaces and spooky places.” This makes Spring cleaning an excellent time for clearing our energy fields as well. 

Special guest Michaela Court, a 3rd Step Ritual Master and Guide in the Lineage of King Salomon will speak about exorcising the unwanted spirits in both your inner and outer closets.

You won’t want to miss important tips to ensure you don’t get snagged by your unwanted shadows so you can live light and free this Spring!

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