Build a Relationship with Ancestry You Can Be Proud Of 

Build a Relationship with Ancestry You Can Be Proud Of 

Have you ever thought about your relationship to those that came before us? We’re talking about more than your family heritage or bloodline; ancestry can extend beyond one’s own personal family to encapsulate the vast expanse of the human endeavor. We can connect to each other through the preservation of traditions that ignite our souls from within. In this way, we can create stronger support systems across our human family, and forge futures within Lineages that resonate with our soul’s mission during this lifetime. 


That said, let’s start with an acknowledgement of our family heritage. For, this can be foundational for the way we relate to our human ancestors at large. Building a relationship with our bloodline is an integral piece of the personal puzzle; if there is any resentment or unresolved tensions in the family bloodline, this can result in stagnancy and potentially blood clots. Not healthy. The circulation of healthy blood (through our relationship with our own bloodline) is a personal experience. We’re not suggesting you pick up the phone and attempt to make amends with your Aunt Gertrude who betrayed your Father’s trust, whose resentment you continue to let live through you to this day. Instead, consider this an invitation to explore what forgiveness feels like, as you connect with Aunt Gertrude (for example) and her humanity. 


Keys for Harmonizing Familial Heritage 


→ Forgiveness : acknowledging any harm done to you or by you, knowingly or unknowingly, and forgiving and releasing it. 


Restoring Connections : Incorporating family totems into your altar or homespace, writing a letter to a family member, exploring some traditional music from your family’s country of origin.


Create a Vow : Invite yourself to identify a value or two that you hold, within the realm of families and communities. Create a vow for you to live that value and embody it every day. 


Alright, so once some of the keys mentioned are used to unlock some dormant spaces in our bloodline relations, we can begin to expand. Widening the scope of our human family, we recognize that there are myriad families to which we all belong. So, in our process of personal development, it’s essential that we forge new paths while sustaining a healthy relationship with one’s own bloodline. 


At the end of the day, it’s an exciting idea to think about making our ancestors proud. Regardless of your family heritage and what role your ancestors have played within the complexities of the human historical milieu, it’s likely they were doing the best they could with the resources they had available to them. Acknowledging the growth and trajectory of your personal journey, it may be that you’re ready to extend your reach beyond your family bloodline. Exploring human traditions that have been part of our evolutionary history is an exciting and empowering path to walk. Regardless of your heritage, you can unlock higher expressions of your DNA. And this, dear friends, is very exciting! 


Live an Unlimited Life

Live an Unlimited Life

“The core of what I believe is that what we cannot see is more powerful than what we can see. That’s just a core belief of mine. In addition to that, we all have access to more than we know and sometimes the knowing is what gets in the way of what we have access to.” ~Sage Crump

From the beginning of our study in metaphysics, and particularly Hermetics, we are confronted with the sobering truth that of all the resources we have at our disposal to answer one of life’s most profound questions, “Who am I?” is greatly limited by what we perceive. 

What we perceive constrains us. It’s in our ignorance of what we DON’T know where we remain trapped in an almost certain future to be played out according to the logical probabilities of our circumstances. However, like a computer program, when given new programming, an entirely new set of potentialities can catapult us into an entirely new potential future.

For example, contrary to observable phenomena, we are going to Hawai’i much earlier than when we get on the airplane to fly there. We are going to Hawai’i as soon as we purchase our tickets. We might announce to the world (i.e. post on Facebook) that we will soon replace the gray in our weather and mood with those desirable, sun-filled beaches in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We haven’t left yet, but in our mind, we’re already on our way. 

The act of purchasing the tickets means something and ‘meaning’ in and of itself not observable. It has a greater impact than the 4 elements on your state of mind. The tickets just look like pieces of paper, but the value they have to the individual whose name is lucky enough to be on them is immeasurable.

It’s not a big logical leap, my friends, to the realization that we are limited NOT by the physical laws and apparent boundaries of our 3-D universe, but in fact by those of our mind.

The Universe is MIND

How we interpret, measure, and discern our reality says more about us than about the outside world we seek to explain. We may think that we are conquering nature with our formidable intellect only to be sideswiped by an unknown variable that changes everything. 

What’s possible in life is a function of your capacity to dream big dreams. You are not limited. Your consciousness limits you. Bring more tools, energies, ideas into your consciousness AND the power/will/energy to use them, then watch what happens to your life. Program your consciousness with the food you eat, the art you consume, the people you surround yourself with. In the traditional mystery schools, we use Life Activations to accelerate your opening up progress.

This is why Newton, Copernicus, and Einstein caused waves in the field of physics and continue to inspire new generations of outside the box thinkers. It’s imagination that led them to fields of discovery previously unknown. It’s in our way of thinking, our mind, that the bounds of our universe are created.

It’s time to MIND UP

“If the universe is about realizing its own mental potential in some way, if it’s going to end up in effect, a mental as well as a physical phenomena—that completely changes the character of things.”

Mastering your reality, achieving the life of your dreams, creating results that defy the logic of your present circumstances all require an expansion of what’s currently possible not in your physical reality, but in your mind. It’s time to MIND UP and receive the universal potentialities which are constantly flowing towards you, to be made aware through tools like those given in traditional metaphysics, and more specifically in the lineage of King Salomon, to capture and work with that energy for the betterment of yourself and those around you.

DNA Life Activation Lecture

Upgrade your Energy Body with a DNA Activation

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What’s possible in life is a function of your capacity to dream and your tenacity in following your dreams. It’s time to upgrade both.

DNA Activation is a technique that has been used for the last three thousand years within the secret mystery schools. It is a rite of passage to activate priests/priestesses and healers so they can achieve a heightened state of consciousness and be empowered to a degree not ordinarily reached by human beings.

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