Now You Can Adapt to Change With Responsibility: How Diversity + Differentials Matter

Now You Can Adapt to Change With Responsibility: How Diversity + Differentials Matter

So if you’ve been noticing, there’s a massive collective shift going on. Atop our precious little spinning rock floating in space, we’re experiencing energetic changes that aren’t difficult to see and feel. These shifts that are happening are personal, global, planetary and utterly cosmic. Of course, how we relate to these shifts is an essential aspect of how well we can adapt to them and embrace the newness that continues to arrive. 

The irony dwells in the space that brings balance to tradition and newness. How can we stay true to what’s been, in order to align ourselves with all that’s coming? How can we preserve the traditions that have sustained us, while also inspiring ourselves to stay flexible and inclusive toward all the radical change that’s emerging? These are some important questions to reflect on at this time. 

Gender Polarity

We’re seeing big change happening with regard to gender polarity. There has been a reckoning with the patriarchal power structures and antiquated hegemonic frameworks in many of the societies around the world. If we are to usher in a new paradigm of love and feminine leadership, we will need some serious grace. Simply put, we cannot demonize ‘the man’ for what has happened in our planetary history. Sure, we’ve had many injustices occur and are learning the deeply negative impacts of having people in power command with righteous greed. These are important to note. 

However, villainizing the “other”, is a very dangerous route to take, and I’m here to encourage you otherwise. You see, there’s something deeply relieving about the power of forgiveness to empower us to meet the ever-arriving ‘now’. Forgiving injustices is not about turning a blind eye. Instead, it’s about looking at the circumstance with compassion, in order to move forward with love in the heart and practical logic in the mind (perhaps not in equal proportion). 

Proportions and Differentials 

So that brings me to the concept of proportions. At the end of the day, equality does not equal sameness. What the first wave feminists did for women was great, and at the same time, their efforts have now translated to a mass amount of Western women rejecting their femininity in order to make it in the ‘man’s world’. What’s important to note are the proportions of energy; the differentials between passive and active energy are an essential aspect of one’s existence to be looked at and understood. For, in Hermetic philosophy, balance is not the same as equal; differentials in proportion allow for creation and manifestation to occur (i.e. 70/30 vs 50/50). 

Within the Modern Mystery School, we are guardians of the sanctity of this polarity within our culture. We’re responsible to adhere to this tradition, as stewards of global and interplanetary balance. This work, however vast it may come off, is work that starts within. So consider this an invitation to take a read on your own passive/active proportion and feel what came up for you while reading this! It’s time we break down the calcification that’s come from a rigid devotion to ‘equality’, and celebrate our diversity, celebrate our depth and our differentials. 

How Lust, Heart and Focused Intent Help You Manifest Your Dream Life

How Lust, Heart and Focused Intent Help You Manifest Your Dream Life

Opening up is hard to do and the challenge of the Great Work is to stay in your process even when you want to hit the ‘eject’ button. Recently I traveled to Japan to deepen my study with this work and I’m finding the tremendous impact of that time continuing to bear fruit in my everyday, lived life. 

Focused Intent

A big theme for me in the last year has been focus, and I’m continuing to make inroads into the alchemy of that conversation. Our teachers say that everyday we should be working with the combination of lust, heart, and focused intent to manifest the reality we want to live in.

Where I’ve gone awry in the past has been around getting very excited about a variety of projects. Since I have many competencies and talents, and a drive to get shit done, I also have a valuable contribution to make towards them. 

So I end up stretching myself too thin through those commitments. By that I mean I become ineffective in producing results everywhere because I’m not bringing enough focus in any one place or project. 

Even with an aligned heart energy and sustained lust to produce the fruits of that project, without the focused intention I really can’t get anywhere with it.

To that end, I’ve been making changes slowly but surely. The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light has been holding the pace of my progress compassionately and now it’s time to rev up the engine of transformation and change once again!

Leaning in 

I closed one of my businesses in January that’s been fairly successful though not very glamorous over the years. That was hard to do. I didn’t want to and I knew I had to in order to realize and activate more of what I am becoming.

This act opened up a whole chunk of time for me to re-invest into my other projects that allow me to do my heart work in the world and fulfill the mission I’m here to accomplish with greater impact. Generally, I’m happier for it and may not be worse off for it financially. New clients and paid projects have emerged since then to allow for me expand into the work I’m destined to do.

A greater impact

I’ve been able to accelerate my learning and development to support the bigger energy that I’m pulling down to support myself, my family, and my community. This has resulted in more people stepping forward to realize their truth and express their unique divinity. This has also provided to me more opportunities aligned with my mission to express my unique divinity as well!

 So, when the going gets tough, remember to stay present to your mission (heart), choose where you’re at, and focus your intent on where you want to be to forward that mission (lust). The world needs you to do your Great Work!

The Secret of Creating Exactly What You Want

The Secret of Creating Exactly What You Want

One of my favorite parts of a journey is realizing I just got off the train. Let me explain…

Often I find myself wishing for the greener side of life (literally: more greenbacks, more green protein shakes, and more time in my favorite place: a lush and verdant forest).

Manifestation 101

Formulating a desire, which Law of Attraction lovers will recognize, is what jumpstarts the creative potential of the universe—the start of our journey. It’s the first step in creating what we want.

Then life happens. Stuff starts to breakdown. Sometimes it’s a crappy experience, sometimes it’s exhilarating. Destruction is the first step of creation—you have to make room for what you’re bringing in!

During this process, the strength and consistency of our desire, despite what life throws our way, is another way we communicate with the universe. The more we hold our desire steadfast in our mind’s eye, and in our heart’s intention, the more solid a foothold it gains in our manifest reality. At this point, we’re on the train, traversing a myriad landscapes on the way to our goal.

Just as we’re not in control while on the train—the tracks will take us wherever the universe has saw fit to lay them—our creative process can feel both completely intention and out of control, like going through a dark period where it seems like no matter what we do, the universe is ignoring our desire. The train keeps following those tracks that we laid down with our initial desire.

Life is happening, but that outcome we are focused on is just not appearing. We’re not in control, and what we do doesn’t matter. Now here’s the secret of creating exactly what you want. Most people don’t even see it when it happens right before their eyes, but that’s why it’s a secret.

Secret: Get off the train

After you’ve gone through that dark period where it feels like you had no control, what happens next is—you get off the train. You stop trying. Poof. Bam. Done. JUST LET GO.

Before we even know it, that journey we thought we were on is over. And we didn’t get what we want! Or so it seems…

At this point, take an honest look back at your original desire. The universe always delivers what’s true for you in your heart. Did that scary accident or unbelievable serendipity create something in your life that has yet to be recognized? Was it more real and true than what you thought you were creating? Was it exactly what you wanted, even if your mind doesn’t recognize it as so?

Chat with a friend about this. Get some objective feedback. Let us know what you discover.

Over the years, I’ve found I created exactly what I wanted, even if it took me awhile to recognize it after I got off the train.