Here’s Why We Experience Perceived Separation

Here’s Why We Experience Perceived Separation

Understanding the Etymology of Physikos

Initial Separation Story

There was a separation that occurred long ago. A separation between physical and non-physical, or metaphysical. This separation happened not only in the realm of science, but percolated into our social and societal structures, our cultural and psychological frameworks. 

In ancient Greece, the word physikos represented all physical form; encapsulating the study of natural phenomena where matter is observed and its properties are quantified. This term became a representation of all things physical, all things governed by, agreeable and pertaining to nature. 

Naturally, this term adapted to what we now understand to be the realm of physics; the branch of science pertaining to the structure of matter and how it moves through space and time. There are governing principles, frameworks and formulas that have established an impressive breadth of understanding regarding these phenomena. 

Alright, so back to the aforementioned separation. 

This separation, between physics and metaphysics, happened to a large degree due to our inability to measure or quantify the non-physical realm. This inability gave rise to a thread of fear around that which can’t be proven, observed, or measured. Due to this fear, we decided at some point in human history, to separate out that which can be measured from all that which cannot. This separation looked like a fundamental fissure between spirit and science, church and state, and ultimately translated to a stagnation of the former while the latter (science and society sans spirit) was awarded with the abilities to continue evolving. 

While science continued to develop, expand, progress and evolve, all things in the realm of spirit and religion were put on hold; the sacred texts were to be studied, protected and preserved. Not, by any means, were they to be explored and applied in a way that could look like the evolutionary progress enjoyed by science. This was all a function of the fact that we, as humans, were afraid of what we were unsure of. Afraid of the uncertainty. Afraid of the unknown and unwilling to stand in humble admittance of the limitation of our cognitive faculties in measuring the immeasurable. 

Evolutionary Update!

The fear that continues weaving this thread into the current fabric of humanity is no longer relevant, don’t you think? Here we are, at a time where we’re realizing as a species that our cognitive faculties are simply one aspect of our myriad and comprehensive abilities as multidimensional beings. 

It’s time for us to embrace our comprehensive capacities and competences. For us to recognize that the magick dwells within that overlapping center of the venn diagram, where science and spirit overlap. Remember the Vesica Pisces? This is the center we can explore through the Mystery School teachings, whose magick we cover in the Magick of the 7 Mystery Schools class (see our calendar for the next offering).

Skeptical? Curious? All are welcome, come join us in the inquiry. 

Secret Prophecy about How to Restore Connection with Spirit Revealed

Secret Prophecy about How to Restore Connection with Spirit Revealed

Watch this video:

In the above video, Graham Hancock reads the prophecy to Asclepius straight out of the Hermetic tradition, originally attributed to Thoth/Hermes Trismegistus (hence ‘Hermetic’). The Hermetic Texts, in which Thoth’s prophecy comes down to us, draw on ancient Egyptian wisdom traditions more than 4,500 years old. I encourage you to watch the video and hear the prophecy as Mr. Hancock reads it, as it is powerful to hear the world it describes. 

In short, the prophecy sounds like it’s describing our current, lived experience. Hence its relevance to our time, and surely why Mr. Hancock decided to publish this video with his collaborators at this time. It’s time to wake up people! I applaud him and his crew for that message.

Yes, but…

After reading the prophecy, Graham Hancock conveys an idea from an Amazonian curandero that we need to restore our connection with Spirit in order to move forward and, presumably, heal this world. He suggests this is the fundamental task we now all face, but then goes on to prescribe that we all make small changes in the areas of our lives over which we do have control in order to effect a worldwide shift in consciousness. 

However, he’s making the same mistake many people make when asking for what’s needed to help the situation. He’s not taking the advice from the people he asked. In this case, our elders and their wisdom teachings. Indeed, he suggests a next step that is completely different than the advice given by this teacher.

And I don’t blame him, most people don’t know how to restore their link with Spirit. We think shifting our consciousness means making different choices when there’s actually an underlying energetic mechanism at play. If it were just about making different choices, then maybe the indigenous healers would have been life coaches instead of energetic healers.

There’s nothing that shows us changing our habits and making different decisions will restore our connection with Spirit. It’s hard enough to shift behavior and adopt new habits, let alone shift our consciousness towards spiritual life. I would know, I’ve coached thousands of people for the last decade and have settled on the fact that making different decisions is not an effective behavior change methodology. By the way, psychological science believes your behaviors are pretty much fixed as well. 

How to shift your consciousness

If we want to shift our behavior, we have to shift our consciousness first. In fact, the world’s mystery traditions all advise that we focus on shifting our consciousness (way of being) FIRST in order to update our thoughts (thinking) which in turn affect our behaviors (actions/decisions). Their methodology? A whole lot of ritual and prayer…to connect with Great Spirit. That’s what this curandero actually said to Graham. The elder didn’t say, go change your habits and behaviors. He said restore your link with Spirit. He’s advising we take on a spiritual practice.

I believe we can all agree that by shifting our consciousness to the frequency of Love (see HeartMath institute), the actions which you’ll be choosing will bring us towards Unity and oneness with the planet and correct all the malignant systems and situations we find ourselves in today. That’s what a practice with devotion to objects like Great Spirit will do. Some wisdom traditions say devotion to anything will build this muscle. Choose something, be devoted enough to it, and you’ll create big change in the world. Come to find out, the object of your devotion makes a huge difference as to whether the results you produce are good or evil. But that’s another blog post…

So the fundamental task remains, namely to shift our consciousness, not our everyday behaviors which are contributing to our larger societal issues. That is, if you’re actually listening to your elders.

How you ask? Ask the world’s wisdom traditions. They will all eventually prescribe some energetic mechanism along the lines of the Life Activation or activating your DNA or activating your energy body or clearing out your aura. Further, these wisdom traditions have been facilitating these activations in their priesthoods for millennia. This is why lineage is so important.

More resources:

Learn more about Life Activation here: 

Find a Life Activation practitioner near you: (Click on ‘Certified Professional Life Activation Practitioner’) 

Why You Need To Embrace Conflict Now

Why You Need To Embrace Conflict Now

Conflict is a part of the human condition, and most of us spend our time trying to avoid it. I’m here to humbly offer an alternative: embrace the conflict.

Having just celebrated my second year of marriage, I’m certifiably past the honeymoon phase. So when I forget to take out the recycling or fold the clothes out of the dryer, I can’t just smile and get a pass for being cute. These days I have to work much harder to be lazy. 

Of course, there are some things I can’t just talk my way out of in relationships, no matter how much sales training, NLP, and other tricks I have up my sleeve. So when I make a stupid comment like, ‘Your idea is terrible’ to my partner, I get to spend the rest of the evening backing away from the abyss I almost walked right into. 

Whether my comment is true doesn’t matter, I still will not get to veg out in front of a movie for the evening if I can’t find some alignment with my partner.

Historic Explorations of Conflict

As early as a few hundred years before Christ, philosophers were working through similar dinnertime conversations to shirk their domestic duties and leave the household chores for another day. If you can prove to your partner that motion is indeed impossible, why should they expect you to get off the couch?

In Zeno’s famous paradoxes, he proves just that. Since there’s plenty of material written to explain what his paradoxes are, I’ll leave your discoveries to other articles on the subject. 

I would rather use this space to highlight a few important points about this particular piece of history: 1) Zeno was the student of Parmenides, and 2) he developed his paradoxes to defend his teacher’s then unpopular monisitic view of the world (i.e. “how all reality is one, change is impossible, and existence is timeless, uniform, and necessary.” I have also quoted Parmenides poem ‘On Nature’ here). 

As you may be able to tell from the above, Parmenides was a metaphysician exploring the mysteries of how the universe works. He has been called the father of metaphysics, and his connection to the great mystery schools is evidenced in the overlap of both the orientation of his theory and explanation of reality as we experience it (not to mention our written record of initiates). 

Of course, we know the form and content of his arguments had existed long before his lifetime having been preserved by the secret mystery schools from time immemorial.

Conflict Means Someone Cares

The point in bringing this up is simply to say that conflict is germane to our existence. The disconnect between our perceived reality and that of ultimate reality has been documented for thousands of years by the world’s wisdom traditions. You’re not going to be successful in creating a world without conflict. It’s the nature of being human.

What you CAN DO is change your relationship to conflict. I like to view conflict as an effort towards understanding. After all, have you ever had a conflict with someone you don’t care about? The only reason conflict exists is that something important to you is at stake. 

So take it as a compliment next time you find yourself arguing about household chores, political views, or whether Black Panther is a good movie. If this person is spending time arguing, they may actually care about you, your perspective, and the topic at hand. Otherwise, why would they waste their time trying to change your mind?

Conflict is a move toward Unity

Conflict is simply a step on the way to Unity. And last I checked, we need more UNITY. What we need LESS OF is apathy. So start showing that you care and argue away (respectfully). You might discover new insights into the nature of the universe, AND be able to finish the next episode of whatever your binge watching on Netflix. I’ll have to catch up later after doing some clean up with my partner.

Empower Thyself

Learn secret teachings to access your greatest potential…the Divine Human.

Let me be clear, these teachings have changed my life and they will change yours as well. The hallmark of Hermetic teachings is that they work no matter what. You the practitioner become living proof of the magick that has been passed down to thousands of practitioners before you, in an active, worldwide community that traces its roots back to the days of King Salomon and the Temple he built for one purpose: to discover the practices, healings, and activations required to achieve the Divine Human on Earth.

Living truth literally means you will experience results as you live the path that’s been set out before you. It’s as alive as the people you surround yourself with everyday. It’s alive as I am, your guide on this path. If you don’t know me and how my life has progressed since I started using these tools daily in 2015, then I want to talk with you! Please reach out.

In this 2-day initiatory program, we will discuss secret teachings now available to all those who seek further knowledge. These teachings include:
-Traditional rituals you can practice daily for clarity and protection
-Metaphysical knowledge of the Human energetic anatomy, the aura, and the Mind, and the Cosmos
-Kabbalistic teachings to support growth and manifestation
-An initiation into the Lineage of King Saloman—this means alignment with an energetic battery that was been cultivated by all the practitioners before you, and that you can use to create lasting change in your life

In searching for truth, I found Spiritual

In searching for truth, I found Spiritual

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As a young man, I ventured out into the world searching for truth, not for ‘spiritual things.’ I was curious about why things worked the way they did, and realized understanding human consciousness was the key to most of the things I was interested in.

In my experience, that requires a peek into the Pandora’s box of what can’t be seen, smelled, tasted, or measured. A place where relinquishing what you know is the rule, alignment with your heart is the measure, and intuition is the guide. In other words, science only tells us part of the story—the part we can observe. But how much exists in the Universe that you haven’t seen? How much exists that you can’t possibly sense with your five physical senses? How much exists that you don’t know that you don’t know exists?

We already have seen how our individuated minds pervade space beyond our physical body. This person in front of you is the culmination of generations of culture, genetics, and energetic forces that continue to shape her or him at this very moment. And because of that fact, this being has the ability to shift to a new reality, a new vibration, in any moment, at any time. That is an amazing ability! That is spectacular to see!

I went out to be a research scientist studying how the brain works and why people think and act the way they do. I found that science can’t even measure what it is we’re studying. I dove into Eastern philosophy and metaphysics, reading luminaries who were essentially the first psychologists tackling these questions as well, and I found that they produce real, replicable results! They were practicing and refining techniques that worked within various fields including: meditation, martial arts, and magick.

I wasn’t looking for ‘Spiritual’—but the irony is that in my search for truth, all roads led to the spiritual.

Over the last few years, I’ve attempted to describe, analyze, explain, and clarify what ‘spiritual’ is as it relates to my work. Three years ago, I even wrote a blog called *drum roll please* “Personal Spiritual Development.”

However…I have a dirty little secret.

The dirty little secret is that the term ‘spiritual’ frustrates me. It’s like trying to describe ‘water’ to a fish. When we’re surrounded by all things spiritual everyday, how are we to distinguish what’s spiritual from what is not?

There has to be a fundamental awareness of what’s in front of us first—we have to truly see concrete reality, objective reality (ironically) before we can see the spiritual. That’s because our minds makes up all sorts of stories to explain away what’s actually happening in front of our very eyes. And this makes it difficult to truly see the divine in action.

We give our power away to authority figures—PhD’s, government agents, news reporters, etc. rather than take the time to think for ourselves. These ‘authorities’ give us stories to explain what’s happening, and we fail to see the alternatives parading themselves in front of our very own eyes.

When we take on another’s point of view rather than observe our direct experience, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to transform our reality.

My goal is to transform lives, but I can’t do it for others. If people can’t see the results I’m creating in my life, or value what I’m able to accomplish with freedom and ease… if they have an idea about what the right way to do things is at the expense of seeing what actually works…then I’m probably not going to be able to help.

The best I can do is demonstrate what works by living my life with integrity and transparency and invite people along for the adventure than try and logic with their minds.

You’ll either want to get on this ride with me or you’ll want to stay where you’re at. Both can be true perfection—if you understand why you’re making the choice you’re making.

But do you? In a universe as vast and complex as the one we are still discovering, do you really know your place in it? Aren’t you curious about how you came to be born at this time and in this small corner of the universe?

I encourage each of you to find something you’re truly attracted to, that’s living the kind of life you want to live. Then put your stories aside and listen with your heart.