Don’t settle for Less…Live your Infinity in the Now

Don’t settle for Less…Live your Infinity in the Now

Most of our daily attention focuses on our physical experience. With the constant demands of the body seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, it’s easy to get caught up in the rat race of daily life: eat, work, try to have some fun, sleep, repeat.

Eventually our Spirit reaches through this dross to remind us that there’s something more, something bigger, something liberating that we are missing when we approach life this way.

Most spiritual traditions will start us off with meditation. In the altered state which meditation begins to cultivate in our daily life, the eternal part of us that is not apparent in our basic perception of physicality starts to call out.

This can be confusing, because this infinite part of us doesn’t ‘fit in’ to our initial conception of what our experience is supposed to be like. How can there be unlimited energy, abundance, compassion, love when our experience of life is so limited?

We are infinite potential

Yet, it has been the message of wisdom traditions for eons that there’s more to this experience than what meets the eye. The key lies in making that transition from finite to infinite a reality in our daily lives.

We have the opportunity to live in the heaven or hell of our own making…that is, our own thinking. We can only make this transition from finite to infinite in our mind because All is Mind, there is nothing else—one of the Hermetic axioms.

Further, every thought in this Mind is a creative act. Whenever we give our attention to a thought or idea, it blossoms until it eventually becomes a reality. But are we re-creating the old or innovating on something new? Are we paying attention to the right things in life that will bring out the kind of life that we want to live?

Practice Infinity

If you feel stuck, here are some techniques to unleash the creative powers of your mind.

First, conduct an opposite day where you say ‘Yes’ whenever you would have said ‘No’ and vice versa. Approach this like a game, and of course, don’t do anything dangerous or illegal, the intention is to push your boundaries of what’s possible—to free your mind from your self-limitations. The quality and breadth of your life experience depends on whether you’ve been curious (or courageous) enough to ask, what if or why not.

Second, just when you think you’re done meditating, and you can’t possibly sit another second on your meditation chair or cushion, sit for one more minute and watch what happens in your mind. It’s not that there’s any one specific experience that everyone will encounter, but by pushing at this boundary, you’ll be sure to experience something you haven’t felt before. Expand your consciousness.

Third, practice gazing at a scene in nature, or area of your room for awhile, soaking up each detail. Then close your eyes and imagine every possible detail you can remember, up to the most minute detail you can recall. When you think you have every detail you remember, open your eyes and reconcile your mental image with the reality of the scene in front of you. Notice where your assumptions may have led to false images in your mind, and go back and revise your mental image.

When we focus on creative acts in our thinking, we are creating our reality rather than blindly following our subconscious. And creativity, bringing forth or manifesting something from an idea, is one way our infinite natures become expressed in the finite, physical now. So you can see why we start here to access our infinite nature.

Tell me more ways you are accessing your infinite nature in your finite human experience. I want to hear how you’re expanding your consciousness!

Live an Unlimited Life

Live an Unlimited Life

“The core of what I believe is that what we cannot see is more powerful than what we can see. That’s just a core belief of mine. In addition to that, we all have access to more than we know and sometimes the knowing is what gets in the way of what we have access to.” ~Sage Crump

From the beginning of our study in metaphysics, and particularly Hermetics, we are confronted with the sobering truth that of all the resources we have at our disposal to answer one of life’s most profound questions, “Who am I?” is greatly limited by what we perceive. 

What we perceive constrains us. It’s in our ignorance of what we DON’T know where we remain trapped in an almost certain future to be played out according to the logical probabilities of our circumstances. However, like a computer program, when given new programming, an entirely new set of potentialities can catapult us into an entirely new potential future.

For example, contrary to observable phenomena, we are going to Hawai’i much earlier than when we get on the airplane to fly there. We are going to Hawai’i as soon as we purchase our tickets. We might announce to the world (i.e. post on Facebook) that we will soon replace the gray in our weather and mood with those desirable, sun-filled beaches in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We haven’t left yet, but in our mind, we’re already on our way. 

The act of purchasing the tickets means something and ‘meaning’ in and of itself not observable. It has a greater impact than the 4 elements on your state of mind. The tickets just look like pieces of paper, but the value they have to the individual whose name is lucky enough to be on them is immeasurable.

It’s not a big logical leap, my friends, to the realization that we are limited NOT by the physical laws and apparent boundaries of our 3-D universe, but in fact by those of our mind.

The Universe is MIND

How we interpret, measure, and discern our reality says more about us than about the outside world we seek to explain. We may think that we are conquering nature with our formidable intellect only to be sideswiped by an unknown variable that changes everything. 

What’s possible in life is a function of your capacity to dream big dreams. You are not limited. Your consciousness limits you. Bring more tools, energies, ideas into your consciousness AND the power/will/energy to use them, then watch what happens to your life. Program your consciousness with the food you eat, the art you consume, the people you surround yourself with. In the traditional mystery schools, we use Life Activations to accelerate your opening up progress.

This is why Newton, Copernicus, and Einstein caused waves in the field of physics and continue to inspire new generations of outside the box thinkers. It’s imagination that led them to fields of discovery previously unknown. It’s in our way of thinking, our mind, that the bounds of our universe are created.

It’s time to MIND UP

“If the universe is about realizing its own mental potential in some way, if it’s going to end up in effect, a mental as well as a physical phenomena—that completely changes the character of things.”

Mastering your reality, achieving the life of your dreams, creating results that defy the logic of your present circumstances all require an expansion of what’s currently possible not in your physical reality, but in your mind. It’s time to MIND UP and receive the universal potentialities which are constantly flowing towards you, to be made aware through tools like those given in traditional metaphysics, and more specifically in the lineage of King Salomon, to capture and work with that energy for the betterment of yourself and those around you.

Heavenly Energy

Heavenly Energy

Coming off a recent Vedic Astrology reading, I’m reminded just how intricate and vast the universe is. I could study Vedic symbolism and cultural literature, which are metaphors for these cosmic forces at play, for years, and just be scraping the surface of what’s available there.

The Bhagavad Gita, the Rig Veda, Dhammapada, Upanishads—there is so much to review, and yet it’s all so familiar. I don’t remember studying this stuff before, but it’s all as close as an old friend. I find myself applying this wisdom to everyday life, even if only unconsciously.

I have the support of my loving partner as well, keeping me grounded as I explore the upper airwaves, looking for a more subtle energy. Enjoying the show on Earth, touching base with this reality again, but looking/searching for something else…this is my comfortable home from which I go out to find the next innovative experience. And when exhausted, I retreat back here and rejuvenate. I find my peace. I find my love. I prepare for the next journey.

I know my purpose is to heal the mind. I feel connected with forces and energies that work with mind mastery and how the mind is designed. They live on other planes, letting the mind do its thing on this plane, watching, wondering, trying to discover whether this experience will produce enlightenment, take matter to higher and higher states, or simple move matter along the spectrum.

Motion is the universe at play. As long as energy keeps moving, space is created, space expands.

I feel connected to my nonphysical masters, and acknowledge their work on me on multiple levels. I feel them even as I write this. Here to support me, unable to be physical due to the task at hand, yet ever present, supporting me in my work. I do not forget you. You are my dear ones. I love you. AND I’m coming back to you.