How to Take the Mystery Out of a Mystery School

How to Take the Mystery Out of a Mystery School

I often share with students that the mystery school teachings aren’t intended to be secret. The mysterious and esoteric nature of the teachings can appear like they are secret, but this is not intentional. Our teachers aren’t trying to hide sacred knowledge, indeed they’re trying to spread it! The Dalai Lama made it very clear to our Founder that this is the “time of no more secrets.”

The issue with understanding esoteric knowledge is with our own consciousness. Can we actually understand what it is that our teachers are saying? Do we perceive the information with a clear and open mind? Can we receive knowledge without prior knowledge clouding our clear vision of what is being shared? Are our ‘impurities’ getting in the way of us truly realizing the depth of what is being shared?

We can only acquire the deeper, secret teachings of mystery schools through self-discipline, concentration, and meditation that leads to insight. Upon hearing a teaching, a surface level understanding of the information is usually not sufficient for understanding the entirety of what is being shared. We must reach down into the depths of our own experience and view the information from a variety of different perspectives in order to assimilate into our consciousness the full benefit of the teachings. Experiencing the teaching in life “as lived” which is to say, in the everyday moments of our existence, is where the true (and lasting) benefits can emerge.

Gaining secret teachings and applying them for benefit in our own lives does require effort. In sitting with our mystery school teachers, we are not guaranteed learning. The only thing that is guaranteed is that if we do the work, take the actions our teachers recommend, live our life according to the principles they teach (as best as we can perceive them), then we will get results. Our spiritual progression is up to us, our teachers are waiting for us to understand what they are already delivering to us in every moment. We need to be ready to receive.

What mystery school practices do you engage in to prep yourself for deeper teachings and insights?

Don’t waste time! Study with a traditional Mystery School.

Don’t waste time! Study with a traditional Mystery School.

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Some people are hesitant to ask me ‘What is a Mystery School?’ One of the oxymorons of being part of the Modern Mystery School is that I want to share with everyone about the personal empowerment and real results that it can bring to your life, but people also think we’re not supposed to talk about it. That’s flat out wrong! For the record, I love talking about the Modern Mystery School, especially after coming to my own understanding, the hard way, about what it was that I was getting myself into.

The truth is, I couldn’t talk about the actual mystery part of a mystery school, because at a certain point, talking just doesn’t help anymore. It’s like that ancient buddhist story about a finger pointing at the moon in the Lankavatara (3rd to 4th cen.), the relevant passage is:

“Be not like the one who looks at the finger-tip. For instance, Mahāmati, when a man with his finger-tip points at something to somebody, the finger-tip may be taken wrongly for the thing pointed at; in like manner, Mahāmati, the people belonging to the class of the ignorant and simple-minded, like those of a childish group, are unable even unto their death to abandon the idea that in the finger-tip of words there is the meaning itself, and will not grasp ultimate reality because of their intent clinging to words which are no more than the finger-tip [pointing] to them.”

Simply put, words (and teachings) are just guides on the path, they are not the ultimate truth. Mystery schools are responsible for maintaining a certain frequency of energy flowing through the Universe, that which enables people to discover their own enlightened state. I’m sorry, but you just have to experience that kind of thing, I can’t really describe it to you. And believe me, I try! My journal is full of failed attempts.

The Modern Mystery School is one of the 7 seven traditional mystery schools. It maintains and protects the keys to our North American mystery tradition. I say ‘traditional’ because there are many branches of mystery teachings that have evolved over time, but they all source their teachings from one of the 7 traditional Mystery Schools. You can see an example of our teachings on Gaia TV with Dr. Theresa Bullard, one of our international instructors and initiates.

One of the most important methods for understanding the validity of a Mystery School’s teachings is to examine its lineage. A valid Mystery School path is one that traces its lineage back not just hundreds, but thousands of years. Now that’s staying power!! Why not study with a school that goes as far back to the source of the knowledge as possible, one that has withstood the test of time?

History shows that the Mystery Schools have successfully empowered people to live life on their own terms. That means demonstrating mastery over life, or creating a ruckus if that’s your style, and people have noticed! Mystery Schools have claimed some pretty famous names in history: King Salomon the Wise was famous not only for the healing temple he built the size of a small city, but also for seeding generations of royal blood within his children. Jesus the Christ gave the Romans an aneurysm when he suggested you could have your own unmediated relationship with God, and now we mark the year based on the year of his death as a martyr for that cause (i.e. this year is 2019 AD—anno Domini). Isaac Newton Sr., one of the most famous scientists of all time said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Hmm, I wonder who he’s talking about? 

Tell me more about your experience of personal empowerment wisdom traditions. Where have you received permission and the knowledge to be able to take life into your own hands? Please share your responses!

Reflective Quote:

“The truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the truth.” ― Rumi