Everything Changes When We See Ourselves

2019-02-12T16:08:21-07:00By |Transitory Thoughts|

When I was young, I wanted nothing more than to be Merlin, the magician. Our weekly trips into town to visit the library from our rural Ohio farm allowed me to fill my imagination with epic fantasy stories and romantic Arthurian legends. I could almost see the mists of Avalon opening before me when the Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Are you consciously creating?

2018-12-19T16:55:18-07:00By |Transitory Thoughts|

“As above, so below. As within, so without.” I find it endlessly fascinating to discover examples where the macro-context informs or clarifies what’s happening on a micro-contextual level. Like to consider that, as our solar system travels through space, it’s creating the same pattern DNA strands do within our cells. Or that cell walls contain the Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Getting to Know Gaia

2018-12-19T16:55:21-07:00By |Community Conversations|

Many of us living in big cities may be wondering how we can connect with the natural world in a meaningful way. Some of us don’t even know what that truly entails. We may go for the occasional walk in a park, and our interactions with wildlife might be as extensive as feeding the neighborhood Activate your Spiritual Intelligence