Here is a Method That is Helping Communities Thrive

Here is a Method That is Helping Communities Thrive

Re-establishing the Commons is an essential aspect of community health. Ever since the dawn of humanity, we’ve found central locations to convene, share, exchange and transmit with one another. These locations often look like hearths, churches, temples, sacred sites and sometimes even natural landscapes. 

Regardless of the physical expression (which we’ll get into in a moment), it’s useful to understand the non-physical aspect of these spaces as a nodal point for connection. These areas are created as source points for the healthy connection that drives the energetic health of an ecosystem. Communities benefit from having shared spaces to convene, to connect, and to charge up. Whether we’re gathering around a table for a shared meal, or circling up around a fire for a clearing conversation and healthy debate; The Commons provide a space for communities to come into harmony. 

Physical Architecture

The Commons could historically be seen as areas devoted to shared experience. We see the Temple as a perfect example of The Commons; a space where bridges are built between realms. The stewardship of these bridges is a task done by the Temple Keepers and holy folk who care for the integrity of The Commons. 

Things that are hard to reach feel more holy. We can see this in the way temples are designed, where the progression into holier and holier places feels like a journey into deeper sanctity. Perhaps you can feel this essence when you summit a mountain top; the longer the journey, the higher the altitude, the greater the view and the felt sense of achievement. This sacred space, contained and protected, is an access point to union and communion with The All that Is. The more we create and invite shared experience into these holy places, the stronger our communities become. 

So, What Now?

Now that we’ve come to a stage in human history where we have unlimited access, the game has changed. We are awarded with the sacred texts from myriad traditions, holy insights from a multitude of sources, and scripture from hundreds of different traditions. The path we walk from here on out hasn’t been chartered. There’s a need for a new way to walk; where the steps of those who came before us are informing how we dance in a new way. Regardless of how we walk forward into the future we are all breathing into being, it’s essential we do so together. Let’s ensure we cultivate the strength communities need by nourishing the central nodal points for connection. As long as The Commons thrive, we will, too!

See How Easily You Can Practice Magick?

Regardless of what spiritual tradition(s) you’re privy to, there are some simple ways to enhance your magickal abilities. Magic has been referred to as technology of the spirit, and the happenings that exist at the intersection of will and the phenomenological world. As empowered individuals, we can come into stronger standing within ourselves when we are in the knowing and trusting of our abilities. Magic is our birthright. That’s right, if you have a belly button, you can practice magic. Practically speaking, we are going to keep this very simple. This way, you can fully digest this information and hopefully incorporate it into your life! 

Create a Container

As we all know, set and setting are important factors in nearly all experiences. What is it like for you if you’re brushing your teeth while driving a car? How about if you’re trying to study for an exam while cooking dinner? Trying to build a snowman at the beach in the high summer heat? The what, when, where and how we do things, are all very important indicators for success. Therefore, creating containers that establish the set and setting for any given experience, is a crucial step of practical magic. 

Just like you wouldn’t practice your yodeling act while at the dentist, you wouldn’t want to practice any practical magic outside of a well defined and safe container. Creating this container can be super simple! You can also learn a lineage method for creating a safe energetic container by activating the sacred geometry around in our Sacred Geometry 1 workshop.

Activate the Elements

Ayurveda is the natural system of medicine that comes from India; the word directly translates to “knowledge of life”. Through the lens of Ayurveda, we are all composed of varying combinations and proportions of the Elements. We are built of the very Earth, Air, Water, and Fire that sustain life on this planet. To revere these elements in a heartfelt and authentic way, is to tap into the most primordial and elemental magic available to us. How can one honor the elements? Well, knowing that they are inside us, let’s move through our sensory experience to understand internally how these elements resonate with us. 

Step one; our visual reality.

After establishing your container, let’s move into the first step, where we will alter the optical experience. Change up your lighting, either dim the lights or turn them off all together. Light a candle while connecting to the element of fire. Breathe the warmth of the flame in through your eyes, acknowledging all the creative life force that burns within you. 

Step two; our audible reality.

Go ahead and put on some music that feels sacred to you. There is no one-record-fits-all here. This is for you and you alone to decide. Perhaps it’s some ancient Indian raga, or maybe it’s a Gregorian chant. Maybe you’re feeling sanctity in the simple today and would like to play Solfeggio Frequencies. Whatever you decide to hear, press play and put everything else on pause. Enjoy the moment of listening deeply with your body, receiving the sound into each cell. 

Step three; our olfactory reality.

Begin to notice the smells around you. Empowering yourself to alter your reality, invoke our Higher Self into the space as you light some incense or burn some resin. White sage, copal and palo santo are great options here. Breathe in the wafting scents of the fragrant smoke, and connect with any memories that emerge. Invite yourself to be cleansed by the smoke, wash yourself by bringing the smoke to your head and then down and around your body. Do this a few times. Scent is the sense most tied to memory, so let the smell uncover any ancient memories ready to be remembered. This is a great time to acknowledge the element of water, as a vessel for planetary memory. Perhaps you have a glass or bowl of water that you can honor at this time, maybe by whispering “thank you” into the water, or anointing your third eye and/or heart space with the water. In this moment, we can invite the memories of the water within us to emerge and awaken. 

Step four; our felt sense.

Find your feet on the ground. Acknowledge the part of you that’s connected to the Earth beneath you. This could be your sit bones, your thighs and calves, your feet, or your back if you’re laying down. Whatever position you find yourself in, simply connect with the felt sensation of making contact with this planet, whether that’s directly, or through some layers beneath you. With your eyes closed, perhaps expressing a bit of gratitude for this incredible life-bearing planet we get to call home. Be here, in this gratitude, for a moment. 

Repeat this practice as much as you’d like! Create space within each of the steps for deep breaths and relaxation. Most importantly, stay light and enjoy your magnificence!

How Gratitude Pulls Toward Us

How Gratitude Pulls Toward Us

The easiest and most abundant prayer we can make daily is the prayer of Thanksgiving. Often we find ourselves too busy to pause and reflect due to numerous distractions, mostly coming from our personal devices. But if you could imagine having a screen-free hour in your day, what would your mind do?

For those of us exploring the ideas and tenets of wisdom traditions, there is a constant pull between interfacing with modern technology and engaging our awareness vehicle, which wants us be present to the present moment, and not our past or future. 

To be in gratitude is necessarily to be in the present moment, because in order to generate that thanksgiving we have to tap into the now, and reflect to the universe what we see as fulfilling, abundant, and most importantly, PRESENT, right here and now.

Gratitude in the West

In the Western esoteric tradition, we are called to live IN the world, not OUTSIDE of it. We find meaning in the laughter of our children, the light in the eye of our spouse, the beauty of a couple in love, and the calming patter of rain on the roof. 

We access universal awareness through our experiences, rather than in spite of them. Every action we take is an opportunity to be in devotion to the higher life, the best life we have the potential to live. Fortunately, our brain is wired to lean into, and create, more positive experiences. So when we reflect in gratitude and thanks to what life has provided us, we are charging the quantum field to bring us more of the same. 

This is what gratitude can do for us. It is a transformative tool that brings in more love, light, and energy to the areas of life we direct our gratitude toward. 

What are you grateful for now? Pause. Ask yourself the question again and go deeper.