How To Find Balance With The Divine Masculine Principle

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Honest Communication as the Path We’re at an age where many of us are beginning to understand the universal principle of gender. As an energetic principle, we all have feminine and masculine aspects working within and around us. Understanding these principles can help us to align with our highest expression of these aspects. Empowered with Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Sometimes I fall in love too easily…

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Ever fall in love at first sight? Contrary to popular opinion, I believe that this happens more often than you give yourself credit for. You DO find other people attractive, right? Researchers say “the most frequently mentioned factor preceding experiences of love was finding certain characteristics of the other person desirable.” So if I’m reading Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

How to speak the language of the heart

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I was recently at dinner with some friends and our conversation turned metaphysical. You know, as you do on cold, wintery Pacific NW evenings. Warmed by the glow of the fire, we immersed ourselves in the topic of growth and consciousness expansion. Particularly, we were interested in the nature of learning and how people integrate Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

How to Experience Love

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Photo by Leonardo Sanches on Unsplash Bringing love back into your life is a continual process of death and renewal. The world’s wisdom traditions suggest that we cannot know greater levels of love without knowing greater levels of suffering. While some people are turned off by this concept, they still accept simple karma. Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

You Don’t Have to Be a Buddha to Show Empathy

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It can be tough to take on someone else's experience, but in the end, attempting empathy will help you (and others) growth. A SHIFT IN OUR SENSES Part of the shift we’re going through as a society is experiencing new forms of understanding. This happens at a deeper level than words and body language—it involves two Activate your Spiritual Intelligence