Who Else Wants to Weave the Web of Life?

2022-06-16T12:57:52-07:00By |Health and Wellness|

There is a web in which we’re all woven. It exists in the infinite space that surrounds and supports us. Sometimes it may feel as though we’re woven into it, and at other times it feels as though we’re active in the weaving. This is a key aspect of how we walk in the world; Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

The Secret to Building a Life of Wisdom

2018-04-27T03:57:20-07:00By |Community Conversations|

You could say that I kind of ‘woke up’ this year after my grandfather died. He had wisdom that I'm just beginning to understand. The truth is, that death changed me in ways that I couldn’t predict. My grandparents were very involved in raising us. In high school, I would often crash at their house Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Do you make these 3 common mistakes in relationships?

2018-12-19T16:55:21-07:00By |Announcements|

Do you struggle with relationships—finding, building, or keeping them? Most people make these three (3) mistakes in relationships: Not being available—you think you're ready for a commitment, but you can't commit to an ice cream flavor let alone another person. Not knowing what you want—ever notice how hard it is to please someone when you have no idea Activate your Spiritual Intelligence