Diving Into the Secret of Secrets: What Does Esoteric Mean?

Diving Into the Secret of Secrets: What Does Esoteric Mean?

Many of us may be interested in the esoteric and curious to learn more. Yet, what is esoteric study anyway? What makes something esoteric? Let’s explore this together. There are some intriguing insights to unravel.

Put simply, anything that’s esoteric is oriented toward the ‘inside.’ We’re talking about going inward, turning our gaze within, and embarking on the individual journey toward inner understanding. Throughout human history, esoteric knowledge has been preserved for those that are initiated into this type of study. For, with great power (which esoteric understandings innately distribute) comes great responsibility.

So let’s talk about this for a moment—this concept of power and responsibility. These principles must reach an equilibrium, in order for a given system to be in balance. When we look at the microcosm of the personal experience, we are (through this lens) invited into awareness around our own power. When we train and orient ourselves toward expansive teachings rooted in the esoteric arts, we are bestowed the responsibility of protecting these secrets by using the ability to respond to any given moment with grace and integrity. For years, we’ve protected that which is sacred by keeping it a secret… Yet now is the time of No-More-Secrets, and we have a responsibility within this process, at this time. Chances are, if you’re intrigued by esoteric teachings, you likely have a role to play in their preservation.

Walking the Walk

It’s not only learning about esoteric principles. Bringing that which is secret out into the open through action comes with great responsibility. It’s important to apply what you’ve learned and walk with integrity. This takes a strong degree of humility; one must be honest with oneself to understand how deeply our thoughts, words and actions are aligned with the highest good. Moreover, we must be honest with ourselves about how and where we are led astray, and utilize the tools we’ve acquired through knowledge to bring ourselves back on track.
Most importantly, we remain gentle with ourselves on the path we walk, continuing to nurture our curiosity toward that which is ready to be revealed.

Apply the teachings

Course correction along our journey is where conceptual development meets embodied expression. Bringing what’s secret, under cover, or concealed into the light, so it can be shown and shared in service to the highest good of all involved.

There’s a gift in every shadow. Sometimes we have to traverse some choppy waters or rocky roads. It’s essential that we cultivate trust and different practices that help to alchemize the densities in our mindset into a lightness of being.

We’re at the end of an epoch, friends. The age of information is here AND it’s the time of No More Secrets! It’s all available for the ear to hear. The question is…will you choose to dive in? Will you get uncomfortable and flow into the deep, beneath what distractions ride on the surface?

The Secret of Creating Exactly What You Want

The Secret of Creating Exactly What You Want

One of my favorite parts of a journey is realizing I just got off the train. Let me explain…

Often I find myself wishing for the greener side of life (literally: more greenbacks, more green protein shakes, and more time in my favorite place: a lush and verdant forest).

Manifestation 101

Formulating a desire, which Law of Attraction lovers will recognize, is what jumpstarts the creative potential of the universe—the start of our journey. It’s the first step in creating what we want.

Then life happens. Stuff starts to breakdown. Sometimes it’s a crappy experience, sometimes it’s exhilarating. Destruction is the first step of creation—you have to make room for what you’re bringing in!

During this process, the strength and consistency of our desire, despite what life throws our way, is another way we communicate with the universe. The more we hold our desire steadfast in our mind’s eye, and in our heart’s intention, the more solid a foothold it gains in our manifest reality. At this point, we’re on the train, traversing a myriad landscapes on the way to our goal.

Just as we’re not in control while on the train—the tracks will take us wherever the universe has saw fit to lay them—our creative process can feel both completely intention and out of control, like going through a dark period where it seems like no matter what we do, the universe is ignoring our desire. The train keeps following those tracks that we laid down with our initial desire.

Life is happening, but that outcome we are focused on is just not appearing. We’re not in control, and what we do doesn’t matter. Now here’s the secret of creating exactly what you want. Most people don’t even see it when it happens right before their eyes, but that’s why it’s a secret.

Secret: Get off the train

After you’ve gone through that dark period where it feels like you had no control, what happens next is—you get off the train. You stop trying. Poof. Bam. Done. JUST LET GO.

Before we even know it, that journey we thought we were on is over. And we didn’t get what we want! Or so it seems…

At this point, take an honest look back at your original desire. The universe always delivers what’s true for you in your heart. Did that scary accident or unbelievable serendipity create something in your life that has yet to be recognized? Was it more real and true than what you thought you were creating? Was it exactly what you wanted, even if your mind doesn’t recognize it as so?

Chat with a friend about this. Get some objective feedback. Let us know what you discover.

Over the years, I’ve found I created exactly what I wanted, even if it took me awhile to recognize it after I got off the train.