How Gratitude Pulls Toward Us

How Gratitude Pulls Toward Us

The easiest and most abundant prayer we can make daily is the prayer of Thanksgiving. Often we find ourselves too busy to pause and reflect due to numerous distractions, mostly coming from our personal devices. But if you could imagine having a screen-free hour in your day, what would your mind do?

For those of us exploring the ideas and tenets of wisdom traditions, there is a constant pull between interfacing with modern technology and engaging our awareness vehicle, which wants us be present to the present moment, and not our past or future. 

To be in gratitude is necessarily to be in the present moment, because in order to generate that thanksgiving we have to tap into the now, and reflect to the universe what we see as fulfilling, abundant, and most importantly, PRESENT, right here and now.

Gratitude in the West

In the Western esoteric tradition, we are called to live IN the world, not OUTSIDE of it. We find meaning in the laughter of our children, the light in the eye of our spouse, the beauty of a couple in love, and the calming patter of rain on the roof. 

We access universal awareness through our experiences, rather than in spite of them. Every action we take is an opportunity to be in devotion to the higher life, the best life we have the potential to live. Fortunately, our brain is wired to lean into, and create, more positive experiences. So when we reflect in gratitude and thanks to what life has provided us, we are charging the quantum field to bring us more of the same. 

This is what gratitude can do for us. It is a transformative tool that brings in more love, light, and energy to the areas of life we direct our gratitude toward. 

What are you grateful for now? Pause. Ask yourself the question again and go deeper.