Secret Prophecy about How to Restore Connection with Spirit Revealed

Secret Prophecy about How to Restore Connection with Spirit Revealed

Watch this video:

In the above video, Graham Hancock reads the prophecy to Asclepius straight out of the Hermetic tradition, originally attributed to Thoth/Hermes Trismegistus (hence ‘Hermetic’). The Hermetic Texts, in which Thoth’s prophecy comes down to us, draw on ancient Egyptian wisdom traditions more than 4,500 years old. I encourage you to watch the video and hear the prophecy as Mr. Hancock reads it, as it is powerful to hear the world it describes. 

In short, the prophecy sounds like it’s describing our current, lived experience. Hence its relevance to our time, and surely why Mr. Hancock decided to publish this video with his collaborators at this time. It’s time to wake up people! I applaud him and his crew for that message.

Yes, but…

After reading the prophecy, Graham Hancock conveys an idea from an Amazonian curandero that we need to restore our connection with Spirit in order to move forward and, presumably, heal this world. He suggests this is the fundamental task we now all face, but then goes on to prescribe that we all make small changes in the areas of our lives over which we do have control in order to effect a worldwide shift in consciousness. 

However, he’s making the same mistake many people make when asking for what’s needed to help the situation. He’s not taking the advice from the people he asked. In this case, our elders and their wisdom teachings. Indeed, he suggests a next step that is completely different than the advice given by this teacher.

And I don’t blame him, most people don’t know how to restore their link with Spirit. We think shifting our consciousness means making different choices when there’s actually an underlying energetic mechanism at play. If it were just about making different choices, then maybe the indigenous healers would have been life coaches instead of energetic healers.

There’s nothing that shows us changing our habits and making different decisions will restore our connection with Spirit. It’s hard enough to shift behavior and adopt new habits, let alone shift our consciousness towards spiritual life. I would know, I’ve coached thousands of people for the last decade and have settled on the fact that making different decisions is not an effective behavior change methodology. By the way, psychological science believes your behaviors are pretty much fixed as well. 

How to shift your consciousness

If we want to shift our behavior, we have to shift our consciousness first. In fact, the world’s mystery traditions all advise that we focus on shifting our consciousness (way of being) FIRST in order to update our thoughts (thinking) which in turn affect our behaviors (actions/decisions). Their methodology? A whole lot of ritual and prayer…to connect with Great Spirit. That’s what this curandero actually said to Graham. The elder didn’t say, go change your habits and behaviors. He said restore your link with Spirit. He’s advising we take on a spiritual practice.

I believe we can all agree that by shifting our consciousness to the frequency of Love (see HeartMath institute), the actions which you’ll be choosing will bring us towards Unity and oneness with the planet and correct all the malignant systems and situations we find ourselves in today. That’s what a practice with devotion to objects like Great Spirit will do. Some wisdom traditions say devotion to anything will build this muscle. Choose something, be devoted enough to it, and you’ll create big change in the world. Come to find out, the object of your devotion makes a huge difference as to whether the results you produce are good or evil. But that’s another blog post…

So the fundamental task remains, namely to shift our consciousness, not our everyday behaviors which are contributing to our larger societal issues. That is, if you’re actually listening to your elders.

How you ask? Ask the world’s wisdom traditions. They will all eventually prescribe some energetic mechanism along the lines of the Life Activation or activating your DNA or activating your energy body or clearing out your aura. Further, these wisdom traditions have been facilitating these activations in their priesthoods for millennia. This is why lineage is so important.

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