Finding UNITY in a time of CRISIS

2020-06-15T15:49:57-07:00By |Community Conversations|

WARNING: this blog post does not contain the messages that you’ve been hearing over and over again from your FB wall and the corporate media or most other sources caught up in the emotion of this tumultuous time in the USA. For the life of me, I cannot ever be a commentator solely on current Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

A New World is Taking Shape…Are You In?

2020-04-15T15:25:51-07:00By |Community Conversations|

Simply think the highest thoughts you can; feel the deepest love you are capable of; reach up or down to the highest, or deepest, Divinity that you can experience; treat others with the tenderest of kindness and the most caring of compassion that you possibly can; and if you are anywhere near the leading edge Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Why You Aren’t Alone

2018-12-19T16:55:19-07:00By |Community Conversations|

Are we ever truly alone and separate? Or is there something bigger we are a part of? Holism is the view that everything must be taken within the context of a greater whole. To some, this is an intuitive concept: cells must be understood within the system of the body, individual animals within the ecosystem, Activate your Spiritual Intelligence