There is a web in which we’re all woven. It exists in the infinite space that surrounds and supports us. Sometimes it may feel as though we’re woven into it, and at other times it feels as though we’re active in the weaving. This is a key aspect of how we walk in the world; living from a place of empowered choice means we become self aware of the threads we hold, and how we weave them. 

How We Participate

There are some key aspects to consider, around our participation in the web of life. Sometimes the choices we make feel clear and effortless. In these moments, we feel the magnetism toward or away from something as clear indications of where to move through our lives. We know when to stay somewhere, and when to depart. We know when to trust the impulse to say something, and when to stay quiet in the silence. These aspects of ‘knowing’ can oftentimes be tracked back to different aspects of the Self; different parts of ourselves that make up the whole.  

Soul Fragmentation

When different aspects of ourselves get fragmented (either through dramatic or traumatic experiences), we can lose touch with a source of inner truth. That truth becomes a distant cry that we must become quiet enough to hear. This can often feel like inner conflict, indecision, confusion and lack of clarity. Sometimes it feels like inner dissonance, as if there’s part of us that feels one thing, and another that feels something totally different. The lack of integration internally is reflected in the outer experience, and it can be hard to make decisions. 

Soul Retrieval 

Calling back all aspects of ourselves is essential in order to move forward on our walked path. We can only go as far as our wholeness allows; the greater the path, the more comprehensive the steps will be. So, we can humble ourselves within the web of life, knowing that we have a whole constellation happening internally that calls for harmonization. Once we achieve this inner harmony, we will notice it reflected to us by our outer world and this reflection will serve to bring us into deeper relationship with all of life. 

The journey is long and full of ebbs and flows; trust, you are guided. There is always an aspect of your Self that knows the way. Find and recall these aspects. 

If you feel you’re ready to receive back any parts of you that may have fragmented, or just feel like something is missing in life, sign up for one of our speciality sessions called: Soul Retrieval.

The traumas and dramas of life, including birth, can impact our soul creating splits and fragments that forget where they belong. This creates the experience of not being all there, or being unable to stay grounded in the face of everyday life stressors. 

When these fragments come back, it can be like re-gaining a long-lost friend and your energy level will increase as well. Contact me to learn more about how a soul retrieval session might benefit you.