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It all starts with a Life Activation.

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All Healing is Self-healing

First, you choose. Then, you let go. Release to heal body, mind, and soul.


Healing modalities you’ll find at Temple Medicine:

  • Life Activation
  • Sacred Geometry & Crystal Healings
  • Negative Energy Clearing
  • Hermetic Soul Retrieval
  • Baby Blessings

Life Activation

The Life activation is a traditional modality for consciousness expansion and empowerment. Activate your spiritual intelligence with this ancient mystery school activation. Heal past trauma, complete old emotional patterns, and prepare your body for higher vibrational light energy.

Sacred Geometry & Crystal Healings

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Negative Energy Clearing

A monthly Energetic Cleanse neutralizes the impact these destructive emotions can have on your life, helping you to remain clear and present in the face of those influences.

Hermetic Soul Retrieval

The traumas and dramas of life, including birth, can impact our soul creating splits and fragments that forget where they belong. This creates the experience of not being all there, or being unable to stay grounded in the face of everyday life stressors. When these fragments come back, it can be like re-gaining a long-lost friend and your energy level will increase as well.

Baby Blessings

This blessing will change the course of your child’s life. Children having received this service operate on a level above their peers right from the start, and have an unshakeable confidence in their spiritual heritage. Schedule a time to plan your Baby Blessing today!

Start your journey on the initiatory path and learn how to embody your Spirit.

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The Path of The Initiate


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