Lightworker Training Program

Let’s face it…the world can be a bit of struggle to live in these days. In fact, it’s downright anxiety-provoking.

Let’s face it

Discover your inner healer

Let’s face it…the world can be a bit of struggle to live in these days. In fact, it’s downright anxiety-provoking. Anxiety and stress takes a toll on your system, and self-care is needed to sustain us for the job ahead, to transition this world into a new way of living and being, in alignment with joy, and truth, and beauty!

At Spirit in Transition, we’re your partners on the path to get you there. We know that there’s an amazing divine god/goddess inside you waiting to be expressed. That’s why we created the ‘Fast Track to Lightworker Certification’ program.

Are you ready to step into service, bringing your whole self to your community? Take your first steps with clarity and resolve to evolve into the potential you are meant to be. We can help.

The Lightworker Training Program includes all the essential elements to prepare you for service to others, including:

  • Negative Energy Clearing—Start your training off clear and confident so you can rise powerfully into service.
  • Certified Life Activation—an awakening traditionally reserved for high priests and priestesses that awakens and aligns your DNA with divine power
  • Full Spirit Activation—Once awakened, connect the Soul with your physical energy systems to allow for easy communication and flow of divine inspiration.
  • Empower Thyself Program—Learn secret teachings to access your greatest potential in this 2-day initiatory program.
  • Sacred Geometry & Astral Travel classes—tools that work no matter what to set sacred space for your meditations and healings

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Tom G.Lightworker Training Program

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of structure, professionalism, and depth of the program and offerings. The environment was very open, friendly, organized and attracted a number of great people to the classes. Matthew continues to provide ongoing support and opportunities for growth and connecting with past, present and future students. I especially want to call out the brilliant use of music in the classes. Only the most brilliant know how to activate all areas of the brain while teaching! I highly recommend Matthew and Eternal Eden for those looking to jumpstart, continue or upgrade their level of awareness and spiritual evolution!

Jeremiah H.,
Life Activation Client

“10 out of 10 stars. I felt significantly better for weeks after the experience.”

Carrie P., Empower Thyself Initiate

“I feel as though all rough edges have been sanded off of me. Almost like being really stoned. I did nap for most of the morning, but this sleep lead to powerful downloads without resistance. I have also had what seems like infinite patience with everyone I’ve encountered.”

Daniel S., Empower Thyself Initiate

I’ve folded in most of the recommended practices into my daily rituals… and I’m going to work on getting one or two more things in as well. I’ve been able to maintain a really good flow state. I noticed that I’ve been much better at letting thoughts float by without attaching to them and I think that is at least part of what’s going on. Whatever it is, I’m pleased with where I’m at. Thank you!

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