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Spirit in Transition helps everyday people break through their own blockages and live an extraordinary life, on purpose and powerfully.

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The Spirit in Transition Coaching Process

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What is Spirit in Transition?

Spirit in Transition helps everyday people break through their own blockages and live an extraordinary life, on purpose and powerfully. We host classes and workshops that activate individual and community intelligence so Spirit can thrive on Earth. We source our wisdom and power from the 3,000 year-old lineage of King Salomon, whose key objectives are self-knowledge and self-actualization (i.e. knowing and doing).


Our Philosophy

Every action is energy. This energy is either aligned with your purpose or not aligned and working against your highest fulfillment and real life outcomes. Often, we don’t know which is which. Often, we don’t choose because we’re confused. Often, we resent our life knowing that we’re missing out on what we know is available yet unattainable.

By living in the present, we have access to the most power available to make a change. Resenting, talking about, complaining about the past does not help us achieve results in our life. Even having our head in the future, planning and positioning, but not taking action, prevents us from creating what we want in life. Being present in the now to your highest potential is what makes life worth living. The present is where you source your joy and passion. The present is where abundance comes from. The present is where you create your desired future.


How does it work?

Transformational work is nonlinear. Unlike a book, you can’t have transformation, it’s an action you take. Everyone knows they shouldn’t procrastinate, but yet we still do it? Why? Conversely, you learned how to ride a bike, but not from a book. How? Can you explain it? Transformation happens in the doing.


Transformation is not change.

Transformational work is not more or better of something. It’s completely a completely different way of being that emerges from the actions that you take. We don’t increase happiness and decrease stress here. We eliminate problems and invent solutions to life’s biggest obstacles…often from unexpected places.

Remember that one time you were trying to date and nothing ever really worked out. But then you weren’t even looking and you fell in love, crushing hard on someone? I’m not saying they loved you back necessarily, but you fell head over heels for someone, right? Did you see that coming?


Transformation is not measurable.

Transformation happens in the places that you can’t see. The places that you have no knowledge or awareness of. Think about it, if you knew where the solution was coming from, then why don’t you have it now? The reality is there are things that you don’t see and don’t know that you don’t see. In those places that you don’t know that you don’t see is where transformation happens.

And you need a guide because we’re operating in a realm where you don’t know that you don’t know what’s available to you. Through his core curriculum that has been tested and perfected throughout many years of practicing with his clients, Matthew takes you through a customized series of coaching sessions adapting his method to your unique situation.

We answer these five (5) questions:

  1. Where are you now?
  2. Who are you now?
  3. Where are you going?
  4. How do you create?
  5. What are you creating?

In the unique alchemical process and experiential activities facilitated by Matthew in your coaching program, you will achieve transformative change…guaranteed or your money back.


How can you guarantee that it’ll work?

I’ve spent my entire life searching for the methods and principles that underlie the reality in which we live. Principles are principles because they describe repeatable, stable, consistent phenomena. That means when we leverage the right principles, we produce a result…every time!

Coaching is not a hobby for me. I’ve literally been coaching every year for hundreds of hours a year since 2007. That’s 12 years. And during that time, I’ve been refining my methodology and my practice. Each year my clients get more and more to assist them in their growth, as I continue to grow more and more.


Are you a Spirit in Transition?

Spirit in Transition is a personal development community that teaches you how to apply your innate spiritual intelligence to everyday life. Chose the package that serves you best.

We have an annual program of courses, teachings, and activations that takes you through a personalized process based on our proven methodology for unleashing your divine intelligence and bringing your life into alignment with your true purpose.

What question are you asking?

  • I want to follow my life path or career, but I feel blocked by situation and circumstances…
  • I’m trying to get ahead and it seems like the universe is working against me…
  • I know exactly what I want, but am having a hard time getting it…
  • I have no idea what I’m here to do, and feel frustrated that I don’t have a clear direction…

What We Offer

Packages Overview



“With a flash of insight I am freed of the limitations of my old mental habits. I discover new wisdom in a breakthrough of understanding. I am ready for a renewal of myself, I look forward to a time of spiritual regeneration.”

King Benefits plus:

Life Activation

Human Design Chart & Reading

Monthly group coaching

Members-only event invitations



“I am a child of the Universe. I am secure and sure of my place in the scheme of things. All my needs are provided. I am enthusiastic and optimistic. I have a sense of clarity and understanding and I look forward to a time of creativity and personal growth.”

SIT e-Book

Free Entry to Community Events (i.e. Max Meditation, Finding ‘the One’, Life Jam, etc.)

Spirit Transits Report

Healer/ Shaman


Architect Benefits plus:

Two Individual sessions/ month

One energy healing/ month

upgrade to Shaman to get 2x the sessions/ month



“All knowledge and understanding are within my reach when I look into myself. I have a blossoming garden of creative potential which is nurtured to fruition for my highest personal fulfillment.”

Shaman Benefits

Monthly crystal-infused clothing articles attuned to your field

Spagyrics to support your evolution



“There are unlimited possibilities and opportunities before me. I know I am protected, accepted, and secure, as I venture out into the unknown.”

Alchemist Benefits plus:

Individual manifestation cycle mapping

Private room at annual Group Reteat

Further activations

Live your Purpose Series:

Discover your unique life purpose.

Manifest Your Dreams Series:

Grow your capacity to manifest powerfully in alignment with your vision.

You’ll receive:

  • Self-reflective course work and coaching that illuminates life patterns.
  • An in-depth Human Design reading where you discover your Strategy, Authority, Definition, and Approach themes that influence how you interact with your environment…and how it interacts with you.
  • MMS-certified Life Activation Healing-an ancient mystery school healing that awakens and aligns your DNA to your life purpose.
  • SIT Signature Life Purpose reading-discover who you came here to be.

You’ll receive:

  • A map of your unique manifestation cycle and one-on-one coaching for how to use it.
  • Step-by-step guidance through our unique MicroEvolution process that changes your behavior to be in alignment with your purpose in one week…guaranteed.

Our methodology is grounded both in science and spirit – both the measurable and the immeasurable. We use the latest in cognitive science on behavior change to coach you though forming new habits and implementing specific growth plans, as well as tap our own spiritual guidance to work in sync with your divine intelligence to facilitate the experience you require to learn how to be truly divine.

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