Due to the sensitive nature of our “work,” our clients often prefer that we omit or obscure personally identifying information. We honor this request and their privacy. Below are real testimonials from real people who have so appreciated our work that they took the time to write something about it and have given us explicit permission to share with you.
Testimonials for Matthew Koren and the Spirit in Transition process.

“My life is amazing. It has started over since Empower Thyself class. It’s like we have to keep re-discovering ourselves in life and I have re-discovered myself from what I’m learning here. And it’s kind of like the Way of the Peaceful Warrior, there aren’t ordinary days anymore.”

~Doug Kohler

“The coaching allowed me to find my own resources and confidence instead of searching for those [external] signs that would validate [me].”

“I never really had the opportunity to sit down and look at myself in that way, in different compartments, and look at each one individually, and then look at techniques and strategies to improve that. I really like how you did that.”

~Troy P.

“I feel as though all rough edges have been sanded off of me. Almost like being really stoned. I did nap for most of the morning, but this sleep lead to powerful downloads without resistance. I have also had what seems like infinite patience with everyone I’ve encountered.”

~Carrie P.

“Thank you for the precious gift of your presence. It allowed me to confirm and speak out loudly – my truth.”

~Miinnie J.

“There’s now a fundamental coherence to my monthly and weekly and daily activities.”

“Thank you for helping me to attain my highest aspirations in life, Matthew!”

~Mike A.

“Thanks for helping me achieve some level of mastery in the ‘Finding the One’ class. I’m grateful for you.”

“I wish I called you earlier!”

~Jacob W.

“10 out of 10 stars – Matthew is smart and skilled, wise, genuine and caring. It’s a great mix!”

~ Christina Kisley, Entrepreneur

“The coaching [enabled me] to parse in a simple, direct way what my intentions were, the value of what I was doing, and what the primary outcomes of doing that so all the complexity, which is usually where I lie, could come later.”

“I appreciated the high-level global perspectives and what I was able to take away from a given coaching session and put into use and see positive results from it.”

“Thank you changing my life. Thank you so much brother. I’m really grateful for the support you gave me. It’s amazing what a difference a year makes. May you be happy, so happy and peaceful.”

~Michael A.

Your offer to be with me and share some reflections were insightful. I share this information with you, because I want you to know that I am pretty impressed how you caught the subtleties which no neuro-doc or cognitive behavioral therapist has been able to observe. A lot of this work is very subtle in nature. You helped me realize what it looks like on the external. So thank you once again. You have a gift. I wish for you love and success as you share this gift with yourself & others.

~Miinnie J.