Sacred Geometry I

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings…There is music in the spacing of the spheres.”

Sacred Geometry I

What is Sacred Geometry? While there are as many answers as there are vibrations in the universe, we will answer that question with practical tools you can apply to your life immediately to raise your own energy and that of the spaces you inhabit. Come experience a truly embodied practice linking the nature of your human design with the rest of the universe. We are truly all One!

If this class is interesting to you, you might also enjoy putting those tools to use in the astral plane by joining us at the same time the next day for Astral Travel. Just click on “View Products/Packages” and select the class package after submitting your information in the form to the right for a discount on both.

Why should I attend Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is a traditional class handed down for generations through the Hermetic mystery schools empowering the student to influence and direct the energies around her or him for the benefit of the Light and his or her own personal evolution. The intention of this class is to learn specific tools that can be applied anywhere to ground and set space for sacred ritual, meditation, or just plain fun! These skills will help you to heal, grow, and help others while you continue your own personal evolution.

In this class, you will:

    • Identify and meditate on the 3 Keys to Heaven
    • Practice applying sacred geometry to uplift and enhance your energetic space
    • Learn how to perform ritual and prayer in a sacred space
    • Answer timeless universal questions about the nature of the universe


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Teacher’s Bio:

Matthew Koren founded Spirit in Transition in 2015, a business consulting firm specializing in building high-performance learning organizations, teams and individuals.

Matthew obtained his B.A. in Psychology and cross-culture communication from Reed College, where he conducted research into the effects of computer-mediated communication on social perception. He brings over a decade of practical experience in coaching and leadership development, including the last six years of full-time business development and strategy consulting, to his work.

Matthew is inspired by the potential of connecting the measurable and immeasurable, Science and Spirit, to bridge the worlds of scientific theory with the magick of real-world experience. His approach assimilates the latest research in consciousness studies, psychology, business, organizational development, mindfulness and meditation, resonance and quantum field theory to support his clients.

He has discovered unique ways to meld his formal education with his deep training in Western Hermetics and mystery traditions. It is this unique mix allows him to create personalized tools that work no matter the situation to create powerful business results for each of his clients.

Matthew now serves as a consultant and spiritual guide for his clients at Spirit in Transition. His professional work and philanthropy focuses on the cultivation of personal empowerment and community solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. His affiliations include: The Modern Mystery School.

Matthew Koren lives in Portland, OR with his partner, and travels internationally to coach, consult and teach. Matthew invites you to introduce yourself by contacting him for a lunchtime meet-and-greet virtually or in-person.

Project NeuroConscious

Thank you for the precious gift of your presence. It allowed me to speak out loudly – my truth.

Michael A.

Thank you changing my life. Thank you so much brother. I’m really grateful for the support you gave me. It’s amazing what a difference a year makes. May you be happy, so happy and peaceful.

Jeff Butler

I appreciated the high-level global perspectives and what I was able to take away from a given coaching session and put into use and see positive results from it.