Life Activation

Increase your energy, be happier and help more people wake up after just ONE DNA Life Activation session.

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Life Activation

Do you feel like something is missing from life? Would you like to be of greater service to your community?

Some energy activations only affect some people. They only work if you believe in them, or want to see changes. But a true lineage delivers on its promises every time, no matter what.

I started training in wisdom traditions at 16 years old looking for more powerful ways to evolve myself. Later, I continued my studies to help my clients create businesses that THRIVE. For over a decade now, I have taught my clients metaphysical teachings to earn more while expressing their higher purpose.

The truth is that your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are as a Divine Being. It is God-given, sacred, and defines the uniqueness of you. You can only realize the benefits of this truth within a lineage tradition where keys are handed down in-person from teacher’s mouth to student’s ear.

The Life Activation is a traditional modality for consciousness expansion and empowerment in the Great Lineage of King Salomon. This session clears and cleanses your energetic system, while heightening your intuition and transforming your DNA expression to your next level. The results of this session will continue to expand in your body, mind and spirit for as long as 7 years, and only needs to be completed once in your lifetime.

Watch Shannon’s Testimonial after her Life Activation:


  • Energize your body with a new source of divine light
  • Completely cleanse and rebalance your auric and etheric energy fields
  • Wash away old thoughts, behaviors and emotional patterns that are holding you back
  • Reconnect with your higher self and spirit guides through the DNA codon reading
  • Open up your unique spiritual gifts
  • Begin to discover your purpose in life
  • and much more!

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Project NeuroConscious

Thank you for the precious gift of your presence. It allowed me to speak out loudly – my truth.


10 out of 10 stars! I felt significantly better for weeks after the experience.


After about 6 months, I found that I had achieved all the goals that I had set out for myself in the letter he has you write before the Life Activation.


Pretty quickly, in a couple of months, I was confidently going out and doing business development and relationship-building around [my] newfound clarity.

The DNA Life Activation is one of the first steps in becoming an active member of the worldwide Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.