Heavenly Energy
By user_dd

Coming off a recent Vedic Astrology reading, I’m reminded just how intricate and vast the universe is. I could study Vedic symbolism and cultural literature, which are metaphors for these cosmic forces at play, for years, and just be scraping the surface of what’s available there.

The Bhagavad Gita, the Rig Veda, Dhammapada, Upanishads—there is so much to review, and yet it’s all so familiar. I don’t remember studying this stuff before, but it’s all as close as an old friend. I find myself applying this wisdom to everyday life, even if only unconsciously.

I have the support of my loving partner as well, keeping me grounded as I explore the upper airwaves, looking for a more subtle energy. Enjoying the show on Earth, touching base with this reality again, but looking/searching for something else…this is my comfortable home from which I go out to find the next innovative experience. And when exhausted, I retreat back here and rejuvenate. I find my peace. I find my love. I prepare for the next journey.

I know my purpose is to heal the mind. I feel connected with forces and energies that work with mind mastery and how the mind is designed. They live on other planes, letting the mind do its thing on this plane, watching, wondering, trying to discover whether this experience will produce enlightenment, take matter to higher and higher states, or simple move matter along the spectrum.

Motion is the universe at play. As long as energy keeps moving, space is created, space expands.

I feel connected to my nonphysical masters, and acknowledge their work on me on multiple levels. I feel them even as I write this. Here to support me, unable to be physical due to the task at hand, yet ever present, supporting me in my work. I do not forget you. You are my dear ones. I love you. AND I’m coming back to you.