Empower Thyself

“And the day came when the risk to stay in the bud was greater than the risk to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin

Empower Thyself

Let me be clear, these teachings have changed my life and they will change yours as well. The hallmark of Hermetic teachings is that they work no matter what. You the practitioner become living proof of the magick that has been passed down to thousands of practitioners before you, in an active, worldwide community that traces its roots back to the days of King Salomon and the Temple he built for one purpose: to discover the practices, healings, and activations required to achieve the Divine Human on Earth.

Living truth literally means you will experience results as you live the path that’s been set out before you. It’s as alive as the people you surround yourself with everyday. It’s alive as I am, your guide on this path. If you don’t know me and how my life has progressed since I started using these tools daily in 2015, then I want to talk with you! Please reach out.

In this 2-day initiatory program, we will discuss secret teachings now available to all those who seek further knowledge. These teachings include:

  • Traditional rituals you can practice daily for clarity and protection
  • Metaphysical knowledge of the Human energetic anatomy, the aura, and the Mind, and the Cosmos
  • Kabbalistic teachings to support growth and manifestation
  • An initiation into the Lineage of King Saloman—this means alignment with an energetic battery that was been cultivated by all the practitioners before you, and that you can use to create lasting change in your life

How to Prepare:

Life Activation is a pre-requisite for this program, and is included in your program investment. If you’ve already had a Life Activation, then this will be a follow up coaching session after the program.

Come dressed in comfortable clothes, and bring a notebook/paper and writing utensil to take notes on your experience. Bring any items (i.e. magickal tools, jewelry, crystals, etc.) you’d like to charge up on the altar. Also, bring your lunch as we will stay on property all day to continue to integrate the new energies as them come in. Bring your water bottle as filtered water and tea service is available.

Next steps:

When: Check our Calendar or contact me to find out when the next Empower Thyself is scheduled.

How to register: Please contact us to register as this is space is sacred and an invitation is extended after you have a conversation with your prospective Guide. Fill in your contact information in the form to the right. You will receive orientation information and info on how to register. OR Schedule here: https://templemedicine.as.me/consult Payment plans available in some cases, just ask! Investment includes a follow-up session OR Life Activation if you haven’t already received this activation.


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Teacher’s Bio:

Matthew Koren founded Spirit in Transition in 2015, a business consulting firm specializing in building high-performance learning organizations, teams and individuals.

Matthew obtained his B.A. in Psychology and cross-culture communication from Reed College, where he conducted research into the effects of computer-mediated communication on social perception. He brings over a decade of practical experience in coaching and leadership development, including the last six years of full-time business development and strategy consulting, to his work.

Matthew is inspired by the potential of connecting the measurable and immeasurable, Science and Spirit, to bridge the worlds of scientific theory with the magick of real-world experience. His approach assimilates the latest research in consciousness studies, psychology, business, organizational development, mindfulness and meditation, resonance and quantum field theory to support his clients.

He has discovered unique ways to meld his formal education with his deep training in Western Hermetics and mystery traditions. It is this unique mix allows him to create personalized tools that work no matter the situation to create powerful business results for each of his clients.

Matthew now serves as a consultant and spiritual guide for his clients at Spirit in Transition. His professional work and philanthropy focuses on the cultivation of personal empowerment and community solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. His affiliations include: The Modern Mystery School.

Matthew Koren lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL with his partner, and travels internationally to coach, consult and teach. Matthew invites you to introduce yourself by contacting him for a lunchtime meet-and-greet virtually or in-person.

Minnie J.

Thank you for the precious gift of your presence. It allowed me to confirm and speak out loudly – my truth.

Jeremiah S.

“10 out of 10 stars! I felt significantly better for weeks after the experience.”