How to Celebrate Samhain
By user_dd

Enter Into the Darker Half With Joy

It’s time for the autumnal celebration of Samhain (pronounced Sah-win), an ancient Celtic celebration that is now recognized worldwide. This pagan holiday was consecrated as a means of acknowledging the change in seasons, as we shift from the late fall harvest into the colder winter months, marking the end of the Celtic calendar. 

Since the ancient times from whence this celebration originated, it’s believed that communication with our ancestors and loved ones is made easier during this time. This threshold of seasons has been said to lift the veil between realms, and allow for us to communicate more clearly with the other side. How might you celebrate this thinning of the veil, you might ask? Let’s explore a few ways you can celebrate Samhain this year, and enter into the darker half of the year with joy in your heart and ancestral support by your side. 

Connect with Community

 Gather ‘round, y’all! Whether it’s your friends and neighbors, your family members or your distant relatives over a zoom call, it’s time to gather together and share a moment of grace. This gathering can be around a fire or a shared meal, however you and yours choose to gather, be sure to leave some space for those that have transitioned (creating a spirit plate for deceased if you’re sharing a meal, and leaving a space to sit around the fire if you’re gathering in that way). 

 Ancestral Altar

 find a surface to dedicate to an altar. Gather together any family heirlooms, photos or other items of meaning associated with deceased family members. This could include anything that represents your heritage and your ancestry. Along with the items, you can arrange some candles & as you light the candles on Samhain, you can call out the names of your bloodlines, family members, deceased loved ones and express your love and well wishes for them. Be sure to take some time here, and allow yourself to be present to whatever unfolds. 

Nature Walk

take some time to walk in nature. Notice the changes occurring around us; this beautiful planet we call home is preparing for winter. We are not apart from nature, we are nature; notice any aspects of self that are also ready to be laid to rest as we enter into the dormancy of the winter months. Perhaps you’re able to sit by the trunk of a tree for a moment, contemplating this invitation. The tree can be a receptacle for you to offer up those parts of you that are ready to ‘fall’ away and return into the organic recycling system of energy.


shake it up a bit! Choose an area of your home or office that is due for a new flow of energy. You could also choose an area of your life if that speaks to you. Tap into both chaos and order as you reorganize the area. Put on some upbeat and motivating music and get to it! Examine every nook and cranny, release what’s stagnant and identify energetic patterns that are looping in non-beneficial ways. Invite new patterns as you celebrate the new flow of energy in this space! 

Ancient Future Vision Board 

have a crafty night with friends or solo! You can do this old school, with magazines and newspapers, or you can put something together on your computer using digital images. After calling in your ancestors and acknowledging their presence in your life, invite them to guide your vision for the year ahead. Create a tactical depiction of what you’d like to see over the course of the next year, how you’d like to feel and what you’d like to call into your life. Have fun with this! 


Alright, enjoy your Samhain and be sure to keep your pen and journal close. You never know when important messages will be gifted to you from the other side; ensure you’re ready to receive them! Enjoy the celebration and feel the support by your side as we enter into the colder, darker months of the winter to come.