How to Redirect Negativity
By user_dd
Spirit in Transition blog: Redirect Negativity

As we come to the conclusion of Winter, it’s easy to look around and wonder why we didn’t spend more of this beautiful time of year outdoors. However if you’re like me, that is to say, if you like to be WARM, then maybe you aren’t wondering about this at all. The fireplace, a book, and a warm cup of tea suits me very much, thank you.

Despite my hesitation to experience chilly limbs, however, I ventured out to Mt. Hood for some much needed recreation and outdoor therapy last weekend. As I was cross-country skiing around Teacup Lake, with big gusts of wind blowing piles of snow off the laden branches, I thought I might be miserable as a result. To my delight, what I discovered, however, was elation.

Falling Victim to Negative Ego

When we find ourselves in trying or stressful times throughout our lives, it can be difficult to separate the bodily sensation of stress from the mental stories we make up about why this circumstance is happening, of all the possible people on this Earth at this moment, to us.

In short, it’s easy to fall victim to our thoughts of “less than” and “not enough” and “this sucks, I’m out.” The negative ego has endless and devious ways of infiltrating our thoughts. It attempts to replace our connection with the eternal, divine self meant to uplift and expand our potential with that of a limited, narrowly focused ego bystander meant to keep us alive and safe, that’s all.

What the Lineage of King Soloman teachings help us to understand is the importance of context (the objects and people we surround ourselves with) and the benefit of a ‘pause’ between thought and action. You always have a choice to act on your thoughts, and this includes the words you tell yourself or otherwise verbalize to whoever happens to be listening at the moment. 

Redirect Negativity

Here’s a quick exercise to redirect negative thought patterns. Since no one wants to be around negativity, but some people aren’t aware when they’re in it, this can help you get back on track quickly before negatively impacting yourself and others. 

Redirecting Negativity Questions:

  1. How am I feeling right now?
  2. What is the impact?
  3. How do I want to be feeling?
  4. What thoughts, words, and actions will lead to me experience that desired state of being?

Surrounding myself by the beauty of nature helped me to see and learn this lesson in a vast and unforgiving, if beautiful, space. We can’t reasonably expect a mountain to stop spitting snow on us, so we learn to adapt and make the best of it. 

Through the above awareness-building process I discovered I wanted to experience wonder and awe on the mountain. So rather than tell myself how miserable I must be in this cold and wet place, I chose to experience with wonder the beauty of the whirling snow and the power of the mountain winds churning untold numbers of tiny unique snowflakes all around me. As I mentioned, the result transformed my experience.

When we raise our awareness, what naturally results is alignment with our divine self. For me, that occurs like freedom: freedom from the tyranny of my ego mind that wants to keep me safe but results in keeping me small when I could be soaring on the wings of purpose, passion, and grace.

How have you redirected negatively lately? Please share in the comments below!