Shift to the Sacred

A Spirit in Transition Retreat Experience
December 27th, 2020 – January 3rd, 2021
Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

We are in a time of deep and everlasting transformation.
Are you in a process of needing and wanting to discover yourself in order to find a meaningful orientation to a world that seems to have gone upside-down?
It’s time to transform confusion and aimlessness into a clear and purpose-led life.
It’s time to stop playing it safe and to start a dynamic conversion with the universe about what you’re here to do.

It’s time to Shift to the Sacred.

Shift to the Sacred is an opportunity to integrate the wisdom of your Higher Self and incorporate quantum evolutionary healing and manifestation techniques into your daily life.
Start the year off right with a Shift to the Sacred!

“There’s an old idea that states that as the world gets more chaotic, there’s an acceleration of calling, with both a greater need and a greater opportunity to find the paths our souls would have us take. On the initiatory paths, we grow by letting go, by shredding the skins we no longer need, and by finding the next part of the story we carry within our souls.”

Michael Meade

Retreat Principles

I. Intuition is the partner of reason.
Reason is dissecting the world, intuition is feeling its pulse. Society strayed when it held logic upon a lonely pedestal. It is prized in school, from elementary to postgraduate. Yet the faculty that inspires us and penetrates the subtle world is missing. Where is the Muse’s Third Eye? Sleeping in our souls, waiting to be stirred.

II. We are made of the same stuff that binds the Universe together as a Whole.
Our actions proceed from thought. To harm another is to harm ourselves, in thought, word, or deed. But loving is sacred. Love is the force inspiring an expansion of our sense of self. Doing good in the world and contributing to its growth arises naturally out of a love for one’s brethren and planet. Cultivating this is important if we are to thrive.

III. Every person has value, and distinctive strengths to offer.
We prosper when we share our strengths together in community. We atrophy when we fear our own power. This is a considerable waste to the community. Self-actualization is reclaiming our power and using it to feed our souls and benefit those around us, rather than drain ourselves. It is finding one’s prosperous and generous niche.

IV. Forgiveness, appreciation, and compassion fuel our hearts.
It is far healthier to forgive wrongdoings and appreciate what is good, than expend our energy in ridicule, contempt, and disgust. Positive emotions are the contours of our Spirit, which ultimately sees no flaw and identifies itself with the Beauty in all things. This is one aspect of the Beatific Vision, or Cosmic Awareness, which gives us a glimpse into ultimate reality. We can help create a better, more enlightened world by first fostering these positive emotions.

V. We are all One.
All races, all genders, all sexual orientations, all political and philosophical leanings, all religions and spiritualities are one. Civilization has globalized, reflecting this basic truth. The creative potential inherent in groups bringing together unique minds from different backgrounds is astounding.

VI. Our pure intentions have power.
We can gain self-mastery and influence our environments by focusing our minds and aligning with Spirit. This effort is super-charged with lineage tools handed down from teacher to student for generations. We are never truly helpless. We always have choice.

Join us

Join us for a transformational journey for spiritual seekers in beautiful Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.


December 27th, 2020 – January 3rd, 2021 at Villa Sumaya Eco-Retreat Center

Shift to the Sacred
Retreat Details

This retreat encourages us to go inside, play, and explore our assumptions, stories, and boundaries about who we are and what we can create in this world. We explore a few key questions: Who am I now? Where am I going? What is my purpose? How do I create? What am I creating? By exploring our unique expressions of inner divine feminine and masculine energies, we can tease out tensions for later manifestations, and release ourselves into the ocean of our divinity, deepening our relationship with the divine within and the universal forces that hold us ever in their care.
Join us for a week of self-reflective practices, sacred ceremony and prayer, and a rejuvenating eco-lodging experience. Experience a life full of joy, community, service, and love with tools and skills that we practice and perfect in this week using ancient spiritual evolutionary formulas adapted for the modern seeker.

Notable Program Elements include:

  • A proven transformational process that’s been perfected in hundreds of coaching sessions and thousands of hours of study over the past 10 years
  • Digital detox – including phones, computers, and all outside media
  • Solace from titles, personas, labels and identities that you carry in your life
  • Nurturing and supportive eco-luxury accommodations and hot tub, sauna, spa services, and juice bar
  • Sacred natural and constructed spaces to nurture your process
  • Nourishing organic vegetarian foods- many grown right on property (meat available upon request)
  • Highly trained facilitator and team with deep experience working in quantum techniques that unlock latent potential. Matt has literally transformed 100’s of lives with his consciousness evolution formula
  • Integration group coaching opportunities post-retreat to anchor these practices into your daily living
  • Continuous community support from your fellow attendees and friendships divinely inspired by this retreat

    Need more information? Contact Matthew Koren at: [email protected] or 1-503-765-6542

Program Pricing

Shift to the Sacred will be held at Villa Sumaya, a Retreat Center and Guest House, which is situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Atitlán in the heart of the Guatemalan highlands. Featured in both Yoga Journal and Taschen’s Great Yoga Retreats, Sumaya’s lush grounds contain hammocks, tropical flora, medicinal herbs and organic vegetable gardens. They also have a cafe, juice bar, healing spa, hot tub, sauna, boutique and plenty of cozy common areas.

Full Pay Discount 5% of total cost of retreat program

Investment, Refund & Cancellation Policies

  • Upon receiving your deposit, which is 25% of the total cost of your program, we will confirm your reservation and allocate your accommodation. You are responsible for organizing your own roommates if you chose a double or triple accommodation. We will not send you an invoice for your deposit unless your chosen room type is available, so if you receive an deposit invoice for your chosen lodging type, you have it!
  • The balance of your program fee must be paid two months in advance of the program start date (i.e. October 28, 2019). No refunds are available after this date.
  • In the event that you are unable to attend the program as planned, your deposit and any additional program fees you already paid will be refunded 100%, minus processing fees, provided that you notify us in writing no less than 111 days prior to the program start date (i.e. September 7, 2019).
  • You may receive a 100% refund of total program fees paid exclusive of your deposit between September 7, 2019 but before the remainder of your Program Investment is due by October 28, 2019.


Healings + Packages available to support your expansion:

Life Activation – $295

Full Spirit Activation – $195

Aura Clearing & Healing – $75

Full System Energetic Clearing and Reset – $125

60, 90 & 120-min Spa Sessions (massage and energy work) – $75/ $100 /$130

Ayurvedic Consultation and Message – inquire @ spa

Private Yoga Class – $35

Intuitive Tarot Readings – $35

Other Information

Accommodation Options:

Included with your luxury accommodations:

– Three (3) vegetarian meals per day
– 24 hr tea/ coffee/ filtered water service
– All rooms taxes
– Various group ceremonies to practice what we are learning, including the rare opportunity to participate in a Maya fire ceremony  
(Private ceremonies available upon request)

Not Included:

  • Transportation to and from Villa Sumaya
    – Villa Sumaya staff will help arrange and coordinate your shuttle to and from La Aurora International Airport – airport code: GUA
  • Any additional tours, ceremonies, or spa/healing sessions you choose to book outside your accommodation package
  • Please note: Life Activation by a certified practitioner is required before Day 5 of this retreat. Contact Matt to schedule if needed.

Watch a video and see what it’s like at Villa Sumaya by visiting their website

Need more information? Contact Matthew Koren at: [email protected] or +1-503-765-6542

Praise and testimonials for Matthew Koren and the Spirit in Transition process.

    • “Thank you for that precious gift of your presence. It allowed me to confirm and speak out loudly – my truth.” ~Minnie J


    • “The coaching [enabled me] to parse in a simple, direct way what my intentions were, the value of what I was doing, and what the primary outcomes of doing that so all the complexity, which is usually where I lie, could come later.”


    • “The coaching allowed me to find my own resources and confidence instead of searching for those [external] signs that would validate [me].”


    • “There’s now a fundamental coherence to my monthly and weekly and daily activities.”


    • “I appreciated the high-level global perspectives and what I was able to take away from a given coaching session and put into use and see positive results from it.”


    • “I never really had the opportunity to sit down and look at myself in that way, in different compartments, and look at each one individually, and then look at techniques and strategies to improve that. I really like how you did that.” ~Troy P.


    • “Thank you for helping me to attain my highest aspirations in life, Matthew!” ~Mike A.


    • “Thanks for helping me achieve some level of mastery in the ‘Finding the One’ class. I’m grateful for you.”


    • “Thank you changing my life. Thank you so much brother. I’m really grateful for the support you gave me. It’s amazing what a difference a year makes. May you be happy, so happy and peaceful.” ~Michael A.


    • “I feel as though all rough edges have been sanded off of me. Almost like being really stoned. I did nap for most of the morning, but this sleep led to powerful downloads without resistance. I have also had what seems like infinite patience with everyone I’ve encountered.” ~Carrie P.


  • “I wish I called you earlier!” ~Jacob W.


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