{Canceled} Virtual: Max Meditation System™

Cultivate A Deep Meditation Practice!

With so many different techniques out there, it’s easy to get lost before you even begin. Join us for a drop-in Max Meditation class and learn an incredibly powerful, yet easy technique that gives you the benefits of many different types of meditation wrapped into one — breathing, deep-body relaxation, passive, active, and guided meditation.

Made for today’s busy modern seeker, Max Meditation System™ maximizes the effectiveness of the time you invest in sitting so you get more benefit with less effort.

Benefits of this class:

  • Relieve stress & tension
  • Increase control over your thoughts and concentration
  • Reduce the effects of drama in your life
  • Encourage happiness & peace of mind
  • Build self-confidence
  • Enhance energy, strength, vigour
  • Increase clarity and creativity
  • Create a state of deep relaxation & general well-being

How to Register:

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Energy Exchange – $10

Please forward your exchange to:paypal.me/MatthewKoren.

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