SPECIAL Corona Virus/COVID-19 Statement
By user_dd

I am wishing you well as we continue to prepare for the impacts of the Corona Virus/COVID-19 on our communities, as well as sending love and prayers to those that have lost friends and family to the virus already. Please wash your hands and note social distancing recommendations. Here’s a John Hopkins article on social distancing.

Due to the pandemic, I am suspending all of my in-person classes until the May 5th. Currently enrolled students will receive special instructions via email regarding their particular classes.

Where possible, we are converting our offerings to an online format at Matthew’s Zoom link: 


For example, all our meditation classes will be conducted online. You can find more details about which events are virtual on our website calendar by looking for ‘Virtual’ in the front of the event title. For example, “Virtual: Meditations for Awakening.”

Once group classes resume, we will be practicing social distancing with 3-6 feet between every person. We will refrain from hugs and handshakes, as well as giving reminders to each gathering about social distancing and its importance, even during breaks.

Community Support

You are invited to join a movement to bring peace to the world at a time of crisis. Learn important coping skills through meditation (15m), connect and share experience with a community of support (15m).

Global Health and World Peace Meditation

Join Zoom Meeting at 8:30pm PST every weekday for the next 4 weeks starting today!


Client Sessions

We are continuing to see clients 1-on-1. All of our sessions are always done fully clothed and almost all sessions are hands off or with a rare touch. Touching on the head required for a few of our sessions will be with hands sanitized directly before and after, or with surgical gloves.

While we’re not currently sick, anyone can be a carrier, have no symptoms, or have unknowingly been exposed to the virus. Certain authorities are suggesting everyone behave as if they have been exposed. We imagine Oregon will make the same recommendation soon.

Doorknobs and shared touch surfaces are being sanitized between every client. The front doorknob is being sanitized morning and evening—bring you own hand sanitizer for the building entry doorknob as you should for all public spaces at this time.

Practitioners will be following strict CDC handwashing guidelines before and after every client.

Clients with symptoms or known exposure are asked to self-isolate and not attend their private session or class.

Stay Safe and Sanitized Out There

We hope that this information is helpful for you making an informed decision about your attendance. We care about your safety and the safety of vulnerable populations most at risk during this pandemic.

We look forward to serving you during this difficult time.

Yours in the Light,

Matthew Koren

Guide in the Lineage of King Salomon
Certified by the Modern Mystery School
Founder of Spirit in Transition

Feel free to contact me with questions/thoughts/dry humor: 503-765-6542