Here’s Why We Experience Perceived Separation

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Understanding the Etymology of Physikos Initial Separation Story There was a separation that occurred long ago. A separation between physical and non-physical, or metaphysical. This separation happened not only in the realm of science, but percolated into our social and societal structures, our cultural and psychological frameworks.  In ancient Greece, the word physikos represented all Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

How Invoking Janus Can Help You In The New Year

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Looking Both Ways Before Entering & Exiting Reflection > Resolution Look, whether or not you have made a New Year’s Resolution doesn’t really matter. It’s true– what matters most is your ability to reflect. Taking time for reflection is key to moving toward our dreams and our goals. So, don’t worry if you haven’t set Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

What Everybody Ought to Know About Vesica Pisces

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So what’s the deal with Sacred Geometry? There is geometry all around us. Literally, while you’re reading this, you could look around and find some shapes in your surrounding that are communicating some geometric messages. So, aren’t you curious about how to integrate the use of sacred geometry into your life? Doing so can amplify Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Who Else Wants to Feel More Compassion?

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If You Give, You Can Receive ‘Tis the season, everyone! It’s that time of year that many wisdom traditions point to, where the sacrificed God dies before coming back to life. And so too, is our natural world going into hibernation; the correlations between the natural cycles and the mystical narrative are uncanny.   Regardless of Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Embody Your Divine Feminine ~ What Is It & Why It’s Essential

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When we speak about feminine and masculine principles, it’s important to acknowledge that this conversation exists beyond the realm of sexual and physical organs. This is a conversation about universal energies that exist within every living being. We all have multiple modes of  expression that embody either masculine or feminine qualities. When you deepen your Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

How to Take the Mystery Out of a Mystery School

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I often share with students that the mystery school teachings aren’t intended to be secret. The mysterious and esoteric nature of the teachings can appear like they are secret, but this is not intentional. Our teachers aren’t trying to hide sacred knowledge, indeed they’re trying to spread it! The Dalai Lama made it very clear Activate your Spiritual Intelligence