Don’t be afraid to take the leap

Don’t be afraid to take the leap

If you’re like me, times like these make you pensive. I mean, I was already pretty pensive but I’m good at distracting myself so my head doesn’t explode at the end of the day.

Now, with so much slowing down around me, I’m bored with my distractions, and I can’t help but move deeper into my meditation practice. That means buckle up, because we’re about to save the world. Well, mostly my world, but maybe you’ll find something inspiring inside of my inquiry that applies to your world as well!

As Without, So Within

You may find yourself outside your normal or habitual patterns due to physical distancing measures due to the general life disruption caused by COVID-19. When we find ourselves outside a normal behavioral pattern, our frontal lobe kicks into high gear (which is part of what makes this time so exhausting), because it needs to find novel ways to interact with our new environment. 

And while our homes or living spaces themselves may not be new, using one for a home office where previously it was just a hang out and rejuvenate space represents unique challenges to your mental health. Where do you go to decompress if your work is sitting right in the middle of your happy zone? Why bother tidying up if you’re going to be right back at it tomorrow for who knows how long? The purpose of the space we inhabit gets reevaluated, and *spoiler alert* there’s no clear alternative or solution that allows us to go right back ‘to sleep’ living in our old patterns.

If this is happening outside, the Hermeticist is trained to look within as well. In what ways are you currently reevaluating YOUR purpose? In what ways are you re-examining what fulfills you? Those ‘new’ ways that you’re living, how do they challenge your perspective or view you have of yourself? And what new trails are you blazing as a result? Feel free to share in the comments.

Transform by overcoming inertia

When we talk in the context of transformation, one of the forces we are trying to overcome is inertia. This is the tendency to stay the same, because staying the same is almost always easier. 

This tendency is highlighted when we are developing new habits. If something becomes unbearably uncomfortable, we are much more likely to (be motivated to) change it. There are many strategies people use to artificially enhance the pain associated with failing to perform a new habit so that they get over their inertia in changing it. I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but that strategy may have been practice for the challenges COVID-19 is throwing our way.

COVID-19 is an opening for transformation. Of course, there are many people suffering and dying as a result of this virus, it’s not just “uncomfortable” for them. That’s why we need to reach out, recognize what is going on, and extend an offer of support if we are stable to assist others who are not. Who have you checked in with recently?

If you are retracting inward, cutting yourself off from others, then you are not serving and expanding the love available. Love is connection and expansion, not retraction. We are not social distancing, we are only physically distancing. Challenge yourself to check in with someone in your network every day.

Upgrade your Consciousness

Remember that your actions are ultimately a result of your consciousness. What you perceive, what you pay attention to, to where your inner compass is leading all are a result of the level of consciousness that you have cultivated in yourself. When was the last time you attended to or took care of your mindset? How do you recognize when your mind is sick and needs care to get better? What is your treatment plan to get you back to a healthy mindspace? 

Your allopathic doctor has nothing to help you with here. Here’s a hint— inquire within and use this time to get past any inertia which has held you back in the past from making important changes in your life patterns, behaviors and goals.

Share with us below in the comments what you are going to do differently!

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