You Don’t Have To Be A Mathematician To Use Geometry

You Don’t Have To Be A Mathematician To Use Geometry

Many of us are familiar with the term ‘sacred geometry’, yet what really is it? When it comes down to it, not all geometry is considered ‘sacred’, is it? Why is that? 

Astral Geometry

There are some ratios, patterns and shapes that carry significance within the realm of geometry. Some shapes are more impactful, both optically and otherwise. There are some shapes that are known to elicit a sense of relaxation. By simply looking at a particular shape, which is simply a symbol, our nervous systems can feel a sense of relief. 

An important aspect of this has to do with the unseen realm. Usually, when we think of geometry, we think about shapes that we can see. It’s more or less an optical experience. Yet, we find that there actually may be more. In essence, there are shapes associated with each sound. That’s right, when we hear music, those vibrations are creating geometric shapes and patterns in the field. We are experiencing this geometry with our ears, instead of our eyes. The inverse is also true; we are able to ‘see’ music as the geometry we experience with our eyes. 


This is a whole realm of work called Cymatics, where different vibrations and frequencies are depicted to create geometric shapes. This depiction is shown by the sound being played, which vibrates sand that’s suspended atop a flat surface. The sand organizes into different shapes correlated with different frequencies. 

If it’s happening to the naked eye, it’s happening in the field. We know this through quantum mechanics. So, the imprints of sacred geometry on the field around us are created through various ways. The most obvious is sound and music; when music is played, there is an unseen architecture created. The big kicker is that it’s not just music creating this architecture. It’s our thoughts, our feelings, our imagination. There are geometric shapes transmitted and imprinted onto the field around us, and we play a role in this imprinting! 

Knowing this, how may it change things? Well, if you know now that every sound makes an imprint on the field around you, perhaps your language would change. Perhaps your contribution to the shared reality would shift, no matter where you are. Maybe you’d taste the words before they left your mouth, if only for a moment. 

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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

What is Sacred Geometry? While there are as many answers as there are vibrations in the universe, we will answer that question with practical tools you can apply to your life immediately to raise your own energy and that of the spaces you inhabit. Come experience a truly embodied practice linking the nature of your human design with the rest of the universe. We are truly all One!

Sacred Geometry I is a traditional class handed down for generations through the Hermetic mystery schools empowering the student to influence and direct the energies around her or him for the benefit of the Light and his or her own personal evolution. The intention of this class is to learn specific tools that can be applied anywhere to ground and set space for sacred ritual, meditation, or just plain fun! These skills will help you to heal, grow, and help others while you continue your own personal evolution.

In this class, you will:

  • Identify and meditate on the 3 Keys to Heaven
  • Practice applying sacred geometry to uplift and protect your space
  • Employ your new tools to create a sacred temple space for ritual and prayer

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Sacred Geometry: Crystal Gifts from the Earth and Beyond

Come and explore the magical world of crystals and discover how they can enhance every aspect of your life. Join with Carrie in this first of on-going classes that will lead you through identifying, activating, caring for, selecting and enjoying, while growing spiritually with these powerful gifts from the Earth and Beyond.

What to Expect:

    • How to care, select and attune crystals
    • How to select which crystal to use for a specific purpose or healing
    • Gain a clearer understanding of how and why crystals work the way they do.
    • Getting to experience crystals with hands-on exposure to each crystal discussed.
    • Achieve a greater appreciation for the grand design of our Earth and Universe
    • Develop a new awareness of the energies that spiritually align between crystals and your life’s journey.



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