You Don’t Have To Be A Mathematician To Use Geometry

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Many of us are familiar with the term ‘sacred geometry’, yet what really is it? When it comes down to it, not all geometry is considered ‘sacred’, is it? Why is that?  Astral Geometry There are some ratios, patterns and shapes that carry significance within the realm of geometry. Some shapes are more impactful, both Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Sacred Geometry

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What is Sacred Geometry? While there are as many answers as there are vibrations in the universe, we will answer that question with practical tools you can apply to your life immediately to raise your own energy and that of the spaces you inhabit. Come experience a truly embodied practice linking the nature of your Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

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Come and explore the magical world of crystals and discover how they can enhance every aspect of your life. Join with Carrie in this first of on-going classes that will lead you through identifying, activating, caring for, selecting and enjoying, while growing spiritually with these powerful gifts from the Earth and Beyond. What to Expect: Activate your Spiritual Intelligence