What Everybody Ought to Know About Vesica Pisces
By user_dd
What Everybody Ought to Know About Vesica Pisces

So what’s the deal with Sacred Geometry?

There is geometry all around us. Literally, while you’re reading this, you could look around and find some shapes in your surrounding that are communicating some geometric messages. So, aren’t you curious about how to integrate the use of sacred geometry into your life? Doing so can amplify our sense of inner peace and strengthen our sense of interconnectivity. 

Learning how to read the messages within geometric patterns and shapes can be super empowering. We can begin to realize that certain shapes are encoded with Universal Principles that govern the continuum we live within. Honoring these shapes & really breathing them into our eyes can provide us with serene mental landscapes filled with peace and ease. 

Sacred Geo Spotlight on Vesica Pisces

One of the shapes that we find most notably inspiring is the Vesica Pisces, which is formed by two circles intersecting. This shape is important in that it’s been utilized as a Divine symbol throughout mystical history; it’s been used since Ancient Egypt and passed down by Freemasons and sacred geometricians. 

While it represents different things to different people, the Vesica Pisces is often associated with the union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine; the two circular depictions of wholeness overlap to combine, creating a third thing. Alone, the circle represents the venerable whole that can be described as the One Source, The All. Then, these two overlapping circles (expressions of the primordial duality, Yin and Yang, each whole in their own regard), combine to create the Divine Offspring. This third thing is the nectar, the Divine Offspring, giving rise to all life and consciousness.  

Consider this your invitation to incorporate the Vesica Pisces into your life. Perhaps you’d like to contemplate the shape by gazing into its geometric truth and simplicity sometime this week. Allow yourself time and space to really absorb it’s teachings, how it can apply to your life, and where its power can be applied. This emblem can become a generator of immense power from Source, with proper meditation. Enjoy!