Will and Grace Part 1 | Divine Masculine
By user_dd

As humans, it’s easy for us to want to swerve one way or another on any given subject. It could be politics (“I’m Left and you’re Right”) and religion (“You’re either in my camp and going to Heaven, or you’re not and going to Hell.”). It could also be gender (“Men are from Mars…”) and ethnicity (“My culture’s better…”), or even just wanting to be right about something. This is called polarization—clinging strongly to either side of an extreme. One goal of spiritual growth is depolarization, or finding the “Middle Way” of balance.

However, polarization finds its way into spiritual practice and ideology without us even realizing it sometimes. When this happens, we tend to forget a whole aspect of the Divine and limit ourselves to only what we like. This puts us in arrested development. While comfortable at first, it limits us in the long-run.

The key areas often polarized in spiritual practice are the Divine Masculine and Feminine. To be truly balanced is to embrace them both. This involves overcoming our impulse to prefer one and push the other to the side. In modern spirituality and the New Age movement, we can see polarization happening, although there is increasing 3963112574_3a94765351_zawareness that harmony between the Masculine and Feminine is important.



In the wake of the fantastic improvements of feminist movements, some men have actually lost some sense of what it means to be a man. Masculine concepts, which have been seen to oppress, dominate, and cause violence, are no longer considered viable. Indeed, this awareness has been a step forward. Unfortunately, the positive aspects of masculinity, the Divine Masculine, are hidden somewhere, out of view. Many men (and women) would benefit greatly by fully embracing these aspects. Rather than be a source for shame and corruption, a healthy Masculinity can develop. Here are some practical ways to explore the Divine Masculine.


1. Face Your Fears

Pure masculine energy is almost synonymous with momentum. It moves forward, in a purposeful way, steadfastly working to overcome obstructions. What this comes down to is this: don’t let fear hold you back from following your inner guidance or passion. It is the challenge, itself, that shapes and refines you! How do you face your fears? Reach into the deepest core of your being—find that part of yourself that links directly with Spirit. You can do this through meditation, shamanic journeying, or just knowing there is infinite potential at the root of your being.


2. Stay Focused

Are you a laser? The way to lose power is to diffuse yourself. Concentration is key to piercing obstacles. So learn how to focus your whole being on a goal or decision, and stay on track with it. Meditation is a great method to building focus. Also, channel a strong emotion to support your conscious aim—perhaps enthusiasm.


3. Expand Yourself

Continually build on your mastery of a subject and your personal development. Try to keep growth holistic—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Keep pushing the boundaries of what you think you can do. Test and challenge yourself. Experiment. Explore. Be a pioneer. Run headfirst into the Unknown!


These three concepts are connected—they’re all forward-moving and dynamic. One can easily see how they can get out of hand: facing fears becomes instilling fear, staying focused becomes having tunnel vision, and expanding yourself becomes dominating others. Like all things in this Universe, with every positive comes a negative. Men, and women, can allow the shadow side of masculinity to be a relic of the past, while integrating the new aspects of masculinity.


How do you typically express masculinity?